Brick Painting Q&As: Kristy Butler

Name: Kristy Butler

Position: AP Biology Teacher

1) What inspired you to help lead this/take part in this project?

“I moved into a room where this was a practice that the previous teacher had done, so I started doing that with my own seniors.” 

2) Have you been looking forward to this for a long time or was this a spur-of-the-moment idea?

“I’ve been looking forward to this more this year than any other year since I didn’t have any of my 2020 students able to paint a brick.”

3) Do you think the school will do a good job of keeping this process COVID-19 friendly?

“I think our building has done a good job of letting this process be done safely. Students work on an individual brick and will do that socially distanced with their own materials.”

4) Do students typically use inspiration from previous bricks or are most of them really unique?

“Most students use a logo or mascot and color scheme for the university they are planning on going to in the fall. My favorite ones are the unique ones that aren’t always university-related.”

5) Is the class of 2020 coming back to paint the bricks they didn’t get to last year?

“I hope so. A lot of it will depend on our COVID-19 situation and if the student will want to come back since they’ll be out of high school for a couple of years.”

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