Brick Painting Q&As: Laurie VanHouten

Name: Laurie VanHouten

Position: French Teacher

1) What inspired you to help lead this/take part in this project?

“A Spanish teacher, now retired, had done this in her room before I did. I do murals, not bricks. It’s a reward for AP kids who have completed 5 years of language studya way to make their mark. I love to look at them and be reminded of my former students.”

2) Is the class of 2020 coming back to paint the bricks they didn’t get to last year?

“I will invite them to come back and work on the mural as they lost their chance last year, but I don’t think they’re allowed in the building due to COVID-19.”

3) Was there a big demand for the painted brick to continue?

“My students start talking about what mural they want to do when they’re in French I. They really look forward to it.”

4) Do students typically use inspiration from previous bricks or are most of them really unique?

“In my room, the mural must be inspired by something from the Francophone world. Kids choose, but I have to okay it.”

5) What makes you excited about this round painting bricks?

“It’s a really fun tradition for seniors, and I’m glad they’ll get to do it this year.”

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