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High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Megan Fox

Name: Megan Fox

Grade: 10

Position: Gabriella Montez

What’s your pre-show warm-up routine?

“My pre-show warm-up is praying for a good hair day and running through my lines.”

Why did you decide to try out for the musical?

“I decided to try out for the musical because my dance studio closed, giving me a lot of free time. It was a last-minute decision, but I am glad I did it.”

What’s your favorite song/dance routine in the musical?

“My favorite song [and] dance is ‘Breaking Free.’ It was a ton of fun getting to dance and sing while having everyone in the cast watching.”

What’s your favorite High School Musical movie and why?

“My favorite High School Musical movie is the second one because it has, in my opinion, the best music. I love the baseball scene!”

Have you made any memorable mistakes while on stage?

“I have made a ton of mistakes. There were a lot of mistakes where I would enter too early, and there would be an awkward pause. There were also many times when I was in the wrong costume. Thankfully, the crew and I figured this out each time before we started filming the scene; however, it is a lot of work changing costumes.”

What’s your opinion on the Olivia Rodrigo-Joshua Bassett-Sabrina Carpenter love triangle?

“My opinion is that Olivia and Joshua are meant to be together. I am for them all the way.”


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