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High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Josie Butler

Name: Josie Butler

Grade: 9

Role: Mrs. Darbus

What’s your pre-show warm-up routine?

“I don’t really have one, but I guess I’d say making sure to drink water and going over lines if I need to.”

Why did you decide to try out for the musical?

“I love being able to perform, so I’ll pretty much take any opportunity to do so, especially with the year we’ve had.”

What’s your favorite song/dance routine in the musical?

“My favorite song would have to be ‘Start of Something New’ because it just sets the tone for the movie.”

What’s your favorite High School Musical movie and why?

“My favorite HSM movie would have to be the second one because in my opinion, it has the best songs, and it’s fun to be able to see the story play out a little more.”

Have you made any memorable mistakes while on stage?

“Last year, I forgot a few words to a song I was singing on stage and ended up improvising, so it turned out not too bad.”

What’s your opinion on the Olivia Rodrigo-Joshua Bassett-Sabrina Carpenter love triangle?

“Thanks for asking. I mean, ‘driver’s license’ is a bop, and that’s all I have to say on that.”

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