A Thank You Letter to FHC Football From All of Us


Peyton Fester, Sports Reporter

Dear FHC Football Team,

The feeling hit us smack in the face when we stepped into our houses after returning from Lowell last night. We all realized that was the last time we would see you — our classmates, sons, neighbors and friends — battle on the gridiron. It was gut-wrenching  to see your season end. However, the loss to the Red Arrows does not define your season whatsoever.

You have toppled so many obstacles this season.  We will look back on you guys, the 2016 FHC football team, and remember how magical you were. The entire FHC student body is so proud of all of you and truly just thankful that we got to see a great Ranger football while we were around. Who honestly knows when FHC will have another season like this one? Let’s hope for next year, but it’s definitely known that the Rangers will miss their seniors from this team.

It was an honor to watch you go hard every single chance you got. Tanner Hallock, Jack Uecker, Sal Sidebotham, Nick White, Nick Beaumier, Mark Scannell, Anthony Delapp, Ty Collins, Harrison Engler and all other seniors on the team deserve roses thrown at your feet for the sacrifices you made by devoting their time to this program throughout the summer and fall. This season would not be nearly the same result if you seniors were not there to lead and help create a lifelong brotherhood amongst the team.

We will always remember what this team was known for – playmakers.  Long spirals from Tanner to Jack.  Towering end-over-end kicks from Daniel Riser.  Crunching hits from Sal.  Lightning-quick outside runs by Ty.  Sandwich blocks from Nick.  Stealthy sacks from Harrison.  The leadership and sacrifice from Mark.  Bryce Clay’s insane athleticism.  Big play after big play.  That’s what this team will always be remembered for.

There is so much to be proud of for this team; the FHC community and I are so thankful for the effort and class that you showed during every game. We had your backs the whole way through, starting in Jenison and ending in Lowell. We truly were just proud to be associated with this team that shattered expectations. Most of us have never seen or experienced a successful Ranger football team that brought this kind of excitement to the community. This year though, things were different in the best way possible.

We are all so grateful for what you accomplished and beyond proud to have had a part of it.  We will look back on this 2016 team in years to come with pride and pleasure. We will forever cherish watching you play and losing our voices every Friday night. Thanks a lot guys — this was an incredible journey to witness and you will go down as one of the best in the history of FHC. 

You made us all proud and we will miss you.

The FHC students, staff, and community