Do you cheat on homework? You’re cheating yourself.

Do you cheat on homework?  Youre cheating yourself.

Susannah Bennett, Staff Writer

“Hey, can I copy your homework?”

That is perhaps the most asked question that I hear during my classes. Whether it’s because of forgetfulness or simple disinterest in completing their homework, students often neglect their homework. Constantly, students are unwilling and unmotivated to do their homework that ominously hovers over their busy social lives. Seemingly, some students have the motto of ‘avoidance is key,’ which, sadly, is an ineffective sentiment. Their plan to accomplish their homework stack is to ask for the answers and later collect the points for participation or completion.

Grades aren’t the most important part of life, but if one doesn’t put in the work, how can they expect good results? Frequently, I hear students complain about an ‘unfair grade,’ even though they said the other day that they weren’t going to do their homework for that class.

The relationship between homework and overall grades is often missed by students, who think that homework is unnecessary. Homework can definitely be an unneeded stress in students’ lives, but in other cases, these assignments are what builds and strengthens the knowledge gained during school. Often, tests are a reprise of the homework in a more formal arrangement, a detail people don’t notice.

There has been research that questions the importance of homework, but for many classes, homework is actually important. Take math classes, for example: to fully understand the concepts, one must practice solving for x or y to be able to ace their upcoming test. Some students would argue that their homework doesn’t apply in the real world and the class is irrelevant. On the contrary, what you learn in your classes is completely pertinent and necessary. For instance, grammar taught during freshman and sophomore year benefits people when they are applying for a college or job. If a person’s grammar in their job application is horrendous, the employer will likely be unimpressed, and they may not consider you when hiring people.

Homework may seem unimportant in the grand scheme of life, but the lessons and work is truly important to fully understand life and the world around you. Cheating or not putting in the effort will not better one’s life. It will instead show laziness and lack of care in school. In the long run, it is far better to work hard and comprehend the information without any doubts.