Intro to Student Profiles


Hannah Kos, Staff Writer

Forest Hills Central. “Gifted.” Excelled. Try-hards. Educated. Athletic. Artistic. Empowered. Innovated. Students.

Each is a word that has been used to describe the student body of FHC, but what about the students? Who are the students of FHC? What makes them gifted? Innovative? Artistic? Academia? What sets our students apart from the rest?

The answer is simple: we are different; we strive; we have grit; we try new things; pour ourselves into our interests; find new ways to learn; we aren’t afraid to be unique.

FHC is filled with these students. When these kids get bored with the cliche schedule, they find a new way to learn. FHC offers a plethora of opportunities for these kids. Students with a vast array of interests partake in the many forms of alternative learning. Our school offers many different programs such as STEM, dual-enrollment, KCTC, ISD, and AP classes.

“[These Programs] have allowed a lot of people to pursue their passion areas,” said Rick Bolhuis, FHC Counselor for students with last names starting with A through D.

These programs are for a range of kids; from kids who don’t love the typically recommended curriculum, to kids who have bypassed it all together.

“Many Fit better because they are more bought into what they are learning about,” Mr. Bolhuis said.

Throughout the week, the TCT will be introducing a small selection of these students to you, each with a different way of learning.