Crumbl Cookies has some of the most delicious treats I have ever tasted


Sofia Hargis-Acevedo

Top left: the outside of Crumbl Cookies. Top right: One of the walls in the interior of the building with the Crumbl Cookies logo. Bottom: A picture of each cookie I ordered; the two on the left being Milk Chocolate Chip, the two in the middle are S’mores Brownie, the one on the top right is the Cake Batter, and the one on the bottom right is the Chilled Sugar.

I absolutely despise pop-up ads on my phone.

I could be contently scrolling through my phone when my aggravation surges as an ad disrupts the consistent swipe of my finger up the screen. But, while scrolling aimlessly through my Instagram feed during one of my remote days of school, I came across an ad that was impossible to ignore: Crumbl Cookies.

Crumbl Cookies was established in 2017 by two cousins in Utah; they were on a quest to concoct the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Since then, there have been over 175 Crumbl Cookies opened in 31 states, and they are not planning on stopping anytime soon.

The Crumbl Cookies located in Grand Rapids is on 28th Street located in a strip mall, close to Best Buy and Chick-Fil-A. My dad and I paid a visit there together, and as we drove past, we could tell it was a popular location by the way the interior was packed with people ordering and waiting for their cookies.

As we entered Crumbl, my dad and I were welcomed by the warm, mouthwatering smell of freshly-baked cookies. There is no furniture in the interior of Crumbl, but the modern, minimalist aesthetic using the colors baby pink, black, and white makes up for it. What I found most interesting about the inside of Crumbl is their expansive kitchen, open for everyone to watch the employees bake the cookies. 

The only problem I have with the layout of Crumbl Cookies is the lines. It was difficult to tell who was waiting to order and who was waiting to get their cookies. Eventually, my dad and I made our way to the correct line. When the crowd is too big, people who have already ordered and are waiting for their treats have to stand outside in order to follow the CDC guidelines for COVID-19. 

Though Crumbl Cookies is a more modernesque business, they have the classic old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie recipe perfected.”

At Crumbl Cookies, they have over 120 different flavors that rotate every week. When I went, the flavors were Cake batter (one of their newest additions to their menu), S’mores Brownie, Chilled Twix, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Milk Chocolate Chip, and Chilled Sugar. When a cookie flavor has “chilled” in front of it, it means that the cookie is served cold, instead of warm like the others.

For such a long line, it moved pretty quickly; soon enough, it was our turn to order. My dad and I got a box of six cookies, ordering two Milk Chocolate Chips, two S’mores Brownies, one Cake Batter, and one Chilled Sugar. The price was a little bit high at $15.50, excluding the tip, but considering how large and how delicious the cookies were, it was completely worth it. It is time to find out how the cookies crumble. 

Milk Chocolate Chip

Though Crumbl Cookies is a more modernesque business, they have the classic, old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie recipe perfected. Served warm, the chocolate chips melt in my mouth along with the sweet, soft cookie. It is everything I could ever want in a classic, chocolate chip cookie.

S’mores Brownie

Even though this cookie turned out to be my least favorite, I still thought it was absolutely delicious. The S’mores Brownie had a chocolate cookie base layer, a “graham cracker” cookie around the top, and marshmallow cream in the middle. I have never been a fan of marshmallow cream, but the cream that topped the cookie was surprisingly tasty. The chocolate cookie was so flavorful and rich, that sadly, I wasn’t able to really taste the graham cracker portion of the treat. All in all, I really enjoyed the S’mores Brownie cookie.

Chilled Sugar

When I found out that the “chilled” in front of the flavor meant that this cookie was served cold, I was worried that it would end up being hard, dry, and distasteful. However, it was the complete opposite. The cookie was still so soft and had the perfect consistency. The sugar cookie had a salty taste to it, but not an unappetizing amount. In fact, the salty taste of the cookie paired perfectly with the sweet, velvety, pink icing that topped the treat. It was, by far, the best sugar cookie I have ever tasted.

Cake Batter

Out of every cookie I tried, this one was my absolute favorite. The Cake Batter cookie, served warm, had a soft consistency. My tastebuds were extremely satisfied with the sweet—but not too sweet—flavors compacted into this treat. There were small, rainbow sprinkles in the batter that gave the cookies a cute, appetizing look to them. The frosting that topped the cookie was phenomenal; it tasted exactly like cake batter and melted in my mouth. Along with this being the best cookie I tried from Crumbl, it has also made the list for one of the best cookies I have ever had.

Crumbl Cookies is most definitely my new favorite place to get deserts and it will not be long until I make another visit. Though I still despise pop-up ads on my phone, I would have never come across some of the best cookies that I have ever eaten.