Ready or not, here it comes


Graduation and senior year always seemed to be a far-off thought for me until recently. 

Whether we accept it or not, the class of 2022 will be in the same place the seniors this year were—graduating from high school and going off on their own paths. 

It’s easy to say we’ve got plenty of time ahead of us before it’s our turn, but in reality, we don’t. 

That being said, senior year is important because the relationships with friends, teachers, and family that are established that year are the ones that guide and lead us into the unknowns after high school.

As my junior year comes to an end, I realize that there have definitely been times that I’ve wanted to skip over some high school years and head right to college, but there have also been times when I never wanted to leave the familiarity of FHC. 

Sometimes I forget that, when I leave FHC, I will also be leaving best friends, incredible teachers, and the comfort of many special things I’ve simply never given another thought to. 

I’m still very excited about college and all the new adventures and experiences that it will bring, but there’s no use rushing into it; college will come soon enough. 

I still think it’s so crazy that I’ll be a senior in just a few months—the oldest in the school; I feel like I was just introducing myself as a sophomore not too long ago when my parents’ friends asked my age. 

It also seems like just yesterday we were told, as fourth graders leaving Ada Elementary, that we were the graduating class of 2022. Mind you, the year then was 2014 and it was a time when I didn’t even know what a senior was. For a fourth grader, it seemed like it would be ages before I’d finally reach college; eight more years of school until college seemed absurd. 

I still think it’s so crazy that I’ll be a senior in just a few months.”

To be honest, those eight years flew by. Sure, it’s been a long time coming, but looking back, the time spent in each grade seems so little. The rate of acceleration sped up as each year led us closer to the one that counts for everything. 

With senior year comes so many traditions and experiences that are greatly anticipated by any underclassmen. 

I’m excited to paint ceiling tiles that will be displayed in the hallways, though I have not one idea yet what I’ll paint on mine. I’m looking forward to painting a brick in a classroom in the school; my name will be permanently displayed on the walls, complete with the little letter symbolizing the college I choose to attend. I’m anticipating the dances—including a real prom for the first time—when my friends and I dress up and have the best time.  

Learning from past experiences, I know that as much as those events and senior year, in general, are looked forward to, it all flies by faster than you can say “I wish I could go back to kindergarten.” 

It’s somber seeing the seniors for the last time this year, and it only reminds me more that this will be me and the class of 2022 this time next year.