Teacher Appreciation Week Notes: day five

“Mrs. Ryan, thanks for checking up on me to this day and making Health class genuinely influential [and] inclusive to a lesbian student. [I] can’t say I expected that . . . but I, at least, felt positively witnessed. [A] really exceptional environment.”

“I appreciate Mr. Anderson. He is a good person, he cares about his students, and he has a big heart.”

“I appreciate Mr. Lowe because he always reaches out to talk. He has been very understanding this year and helps us with understanding the assignments.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Stone because she does a fabulous job of teaching us new information and being clear and concise in her instructions. This is very beneficial to me as a student, and I’m sure many other students enjoy this as well. She is consistent in her lessons and ensures that her students are able to do their best.”

“I appreciate Mr. George for everything he has done for me, and he is very understanding when it comes to his students’ mental health.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Lipke for being such an amazing teacher and always being willing to help your students. You are definitely one of my favorite teachers, and I really hope that I get to have you again in the future.”

Mrs. Anderson has been one of my strongest supports this year. I can come into her room every day and tell her exactly how I’m feeling and what’s going on, and she always listens and empathizes with me. She is also always willing to help me catch up when I fall behind, even when I don’t necessarily deserve it. She has pushed me to do the best that I can this year, but she has also been understanding when I’m not able to do certain things. I’m so excited to be taking ASL 4 next year, and it’s because of how much she cares. Thank you so much Mrs. A!”

“I appreciate Mrs. Burnaby for all of the work she does for us students. She makes Biology make more sense and tries her hardest to convey her information to everyone. Thank you for understanding all of us during hybrid!”

“Dear Mr. George, thank you for always pushing me to new heights and believing in me even when I doubt myself. You’ve helped me grow, not only as a writer, but as a human being. I’ve learned so much about being a leader and making a positive impact on this world. Thank you for helping me grow from a scared, quiet sophomore to a junior who has made room 139 her home. Thank you for giving me a place to call home. Thank you for working so hard every day to make my day fantastic. Thank you for everything!”

Mrs. Lipke, thank you so much for helping me as an incoming freshman and giving me the confidence I needed to get through my first year of high school!”

Stiles, thank you for making history one of my favorite subjects! I appreciate all of your hard work so, so much and can’t even acknowledge all that you’ve done for me!”

Burnaby! Thank you for making science fun all year!”

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