Anxiety is like a rocky flowing river

We are all given hardships for a reason. 

I strongly believe that my struggle with anxiety is not only a part of me that brings me to my lowest point but a part of me that brings me up. 

I suppose that I was gifted with anxiety in order to help others around me with the same problem. 

The friends that surround me bring me joy and enlightenment, but there is a deep connection that we have with anxiety. I can talk them through each anxiety attack, each little clash with a worrisome test, or perhaps a fight at home. 

When I guide them, they return the favor, talking me through the anxieties that I encounter. It’s a shared conflict between each of us. We may not worry about the same scares, but we stick together for comfort. 

I also have family members that have faced past encounters with anxiety. Although they might live far from me, I know I can call for help when I feel anxious. Hearing their voices makes me feel comforted and relieved of all the trouble filling my body. My breathing slows down and becomes more relaxed, and the distraction makes my apprehensive thoughts drift away.

I feel that if my family can help with anxiety like mine, I should be able to help as well. My voice can support their worry-filled minds, and my realization of what I’ve been through, in turn, can support them. 

Talking through worries with family or someone close to me is possibly the best distraction and quickest way to contentment. 

And not only does talking to them fill me with peace, but so does making others feel the warmth of anxiety dissolving.

This is the reason I was given anxiety. My dream in life is to become a therapist and help many other people that struggle with mental illnesses. I want people to reach out to me, run to me, or even call me when they feel lonely, afraid, or distressed.    

 I would also love to write and reach out to people in a different way. 

Writing is a way that helps my thoughts flow away like a river into an open ocean, and that ocean is filled with beautiful creatures that represent my distracted mind. The river that flows into rocks of anxiety allows worries to finally make their way out. 

As I’m typing, my hope is to guide others to spaces where they don’t feel trapped. I hope for someone out there to read this and feel as though they don’t have to worry anymore about the future, past, or present. 

I hope it all disappears, and they too can use their anxiety for the good of others.