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FHC Inspires Q&As: Addi Bunnell

Speaker: Addi Bunnell

How do you feel about your TED Talk being picked for FHC Inspires?

“I was thoroughly shocked that my TED Talk was picked for FHC Inspires because I grew very nervous and self-conscious about my own as I listened to all the great speeches my classmates gave. However, I was very excited when I found out, and now I am very eager to present my TED Talk to a brand new audience.”

What is a quick description of your TED Talk? 

“I wrote my TED Talk about my next-door neighbor, Jim Wilson, who passed away two years ago to stage-4 colon cancer. He was family to us, and losing him was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. Because he was such a great person in my life, I chose to write about all the wonderful and valuable lessons he taught me. The rest of the world was not lucky enough to know him, so I want to share all the great things he made me learn with others.”

Does public speaking make you nervous? How has this project improved your skills?

“Public speaking used to make me nervous, but after numerous presentations and projects, my fear has slowly diminished. However, there is always room for improvement, and I think this project specifically has helped me to grow the most as a public speaker. I also think I was not as nervous with this presentation because I enjoy my topic and want everyone else to enjoy it as well.”

Who are you giving this TED Talk for and why?

“I am giving this TED Talk to anyone and everyone in the audience. I have found the lessons [Jim] taught me to be so important, and they have honestly changed my life for the better. I believe I have grown as a person because I do everything with the mindsets Jim taught me. It is my goal to reach those who are listening and change their lives as well.”

What do you hope people will take away from your TED Talk?

“I hope that people will keep the lessons I chose to share in the back of their minds at all times. The lessons may seem simple, but they can do so much for someone if [they] understand [the impact they can have].”

Who’s TED Talk are you excited to hear live?

“I am most excited and eager to hear [sophomore] Abby Cuming’s TED Talk live. Her topic is about listening and learning from children, and I have not heard any speech similar to this, so I cannot wait to hear what she has to say. She is also an excellent writer and presenter, so I know that I will be enthralled by anything she brings to the table.”

If your presentation was a color, what would it be and why?

“I think most people would see my color as blue, but I think it would be yellow. [People] would probably pick blue because they might see it as a sad presentation about losing someone, and although that is true, sadness is not the aspect I want to focus on. I would consider it to be yellow because it is about learning from loss and growing from the people around you. Although loss is hard, there are positives that we can find in hard times, and yellow reminds me of the light at the end of the tunnel and to focus on the good.”

How does the layout of your Google Slides portray your personality and the topic of your talk?

“I think the simplicity of my Google Slides allows people to focus on my TED Talk and what I am currently saying rather than being distracted by a ton of words or graphics on the screen. All of my pictures either capture myself, Jim, or my friends and family to add a personal touch to my presentation, positively adding to my topic.”

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