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FHC Inspires Q&As: Jordyn Reens

Speaker: Jordyn Reens

How do you feel about your TED Talk being picked for FHC Inspires?

“I feel excited about the experience, but also nervous since the show is going to be in front of a lot of people.”

What is a quick description of your TED Talk? 

“My TED Talk is about perfectionism and the ways in which it’s promoted by society.”

Does public speaking make you nervous? How has this project improved your skills?

“Public speaking does make me nervous. Doing this talk has helped to make me a lot more comfortable speaking and being in front of people.”

Who are you giving this TED Talk for and why?

“I’m not giving it to anybody in particular, but in a way, I’m giving it for myself since it will help improve my public speaking skills.”

What do you hope people will take away from your Talk?

“I hope that people will take away [knowing] perfectionism is something many people deal with, and [that] not being what society says you should be, is okay.”

If your presentation was a color what would it be and why?

“My presentation would probably be the color white since white is typically associated with perfection.”

How does the layout of your Google Slides portray your personality and the topic of your talk?

“The layout of my slides is pretty simplistic, similarly to my personality. It’s also organized and neat, which can relate to perfectionism.”

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