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FHC Inspires Q&As: Allie Beaumont

Speaker: Allie Beaumont

How do you feel about your TED Talk being picked for FHC Inspires?

“I feel really honored! I know Mr. George had lots of people applying so I honestly wasn’t sure If mine was going to be picked, but when it was I was extremely happy!”

What is a quick description of your TED Talk? 

“My TED Talk relates my younger self being in a below-grade-level English class to how we all have boxes that trap us in places and positions we don’t want to be. I talk in-depth about my growth as a student while also explaining how whatever your box may be, you too can break out.”

Does public speaking make you nervous? How has this project improved your skills?

“I actually have always enjoyed presentations, however, that being said, I still get really nervous about them. The first part of this project helped me feel more confident speaking to bigger groups, and I want that confidence to stay strong so that’s partially why I did FHC Inspires to ensure I wouldn’t lose my nerve.”
Who are you giving this TED Talk for and why?
“I am giving this TED Talk to anyone who has felt trapped in the position they were put in. What I mean by that is if you have ever felt like you want to grow, but something is holding you back, I want to show people that by taking the correct steps you can improve.”
What do you hope people will take away from your Talk?
“I hope that they can identify a problem in their own life, and feel motivated to take it on after watching my TED Talk. I want to show people a concrete example of a time when all my hard work paid off, so maybe they can relate to my experiences and my world back to their own life.”
Who’s TED Talk are you excited to hear live?
“I am really excited to see Kate Hotaling’s TED Talk live. I have only ever seen her intro, but it was so good that I can’t wait to see the whole thing. I also really want to see how her topic will play out in front of a live audience given her topic is that she doesn’t like public speaking.”
If your presentation was a color what would it be and why?
“I think the color of my presentation would be sage green, not only because I really like the color, but because I talk a lot about growth and that could metaphorically relate to plants and how they grow. I also pick this color because it is similar to a pastel yellow which reminds me of hope for the future, so in combining the ideas of hope and growth, I came up with the color sage green.”
How does the layout of your Google Slides portray your personality and the topic of your Talk?
“On my slides I have lots of pictures of me when I was younger doing things such as reading books, and then on the next slide over I have my The Central Trend staff profile along with some stories I have written. I think those two slides represent me best because they show me back then as well as now. I also tried to incorporate some simple ways to understand a complex topic, and it was important to me to do that in a fun way. Overall I actually really like my slideshow!”

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