My forecast for summer 2021 fashion trends prepares for a hot, colorful season


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Karsen Kimball (photo from her Instagram)

Summertime rids the school year and brings in new trends. What’s hot this season from a fashion standpoint? Let’s find out the ins and outs of what’s to come.

Open back/backless tops:

Open back and backless tops are cute and playful with two caveats: the neckline and the manner in which the back ties. To begin, the front is best executed with a higher neckline. It’s difficult in the eyes of fitting to avoid either a gap in front or a slip on the shoulders if the neckline is too low. If designed right, the back will twist tight enough, or it will tie at a place to prevent either of these from happening; but, that is not always the case. Secondly, the back tie can be very unflattering if it is tied too tight. A general red flag to this problem is when it’s designed with thin strings in a crisscross pattern. If well designed, the backless top will have neither of these caveats. Just keep them in mind when trying backless wear on.

Checkerboard prints:

The ’80s are calling, and it’s in the form of checkerboard prints. This print makes a statement and is best executed in one small piece, paired obviously with white, black, or a solid color. I am a fan of the checkerboard print with a primary color, but if you want to go all out 80’s, then put it with neon.

P.S. you do not want to go all-out ’80s.

Midi and maxi length skirts and dresses:

Open back and backless tops are cute and playful with two caveats: the neckline and the manner in which the back ties.”

It’s about time the midi has made an appearance. I am certainly an advocate for a tighter midi skirt, such as a knit; however, knits are not for summer. I recently bought a set that has a short halter top with a fuller midi skirt. The key with a tiered or fuller style midi is what you wear on top. To create balance, you need to have a tighter top that shows your waist. Maxi’s aren’t new, and I liken them to flared pants but is very hard for shorter girls to wear. This is particularly true with the flowing maxi dresses. As beachy and summery as they are, they are made for those who are taller. If you are shorter, odds are the dress will need to be hemmed. If you love a maxi and are shorter, look for one with a high waistline; it will elongate your legs and be the most flattering. 

Halter tops:

Where do I begin with my love affair with halter tops? Universally flattering, I have yet to see anyone who doesn’t look good in a halter top. They make shoulders look great, and it is hard to find one with design flaws. The only issue I have ever seen is a neckline that plunges too deep. My favorite halters and the ones I think are the most flattering are the ones that crisscross below the neck and come to a tie in the back.

Button-up shirts:

Some people call them button-down shirts. Either way, you will see them as cover-ups, pajamas, and dresses this summer. As a cover-up, they strike me as something of a fad that may be short-lived, but with many patterns (stripes, solids, etc) to choose from, it will be a timeless dress option. As a dress, I especially love it when paired with a brown leather belt.

Three-piece bikinis:

For those confused, three-piece bikinis include the bikini top, bikini bottom, and obviously a third piece. The third piece to this set could be a scrunchie, a matching top, or a sarong.

A cute matching additional piece to a bikiniwhy not? Some sarongs tie at the side, some look more like golf skirts, some tops tie in the front, and maybe the scrunchie isn’t waterproof, but if this is sold as an option with the bikini you love, take it. 

Chunky sandals:

Not necessarily new, but back for the summer are chunky sandals. Chunky sandals have a high fashion feel to them. Coming back this year in a myriad of patterns and colors, from metallic to leopard, they are fun to pair with many outfits. 

In what will be a return to a, mostly, normal summer, we finally have places to wear the summer styles. Whether it’s a three-piece to the beach or a midi to dinner, it’s time to celebrate 2021’s summer fashion trends.