Online Classes: Not For Me

Online Classes: Not For Me

Ilma Seperovic, Social Media Manager

Online classes? Everyone seems to think they are a thing of the future and I cannot help but disagree.

I believe online classes will never be fully comparable to a physical classroom. There will never be a collaborative atmosphere, a step to step guide with instructions, and a social environment with online classes.

Collaboration is key in a classroom. Being able to gain from others provides so much more than a chance of cheating. Cheating sadly will always be there. It is sad and sucks but honestly it’s going to be there no matter what a teacher tries to do. Collaboration makes students work together and learn from each other. It teaches students of what the “real world” might be like: the idea that you might not like someone but still have to get the job done no matter what. A student will never learn this concept through an online class.

While yes, a loss of a guide will cause the students to problem solve on their own, thus causing them to become more independent. But there is a huge risk of the students not being able to do this and just completely failing their course. Students like myself like their assignments explained in person in full detail of what needs to be done to achieve the maximum possible grade. That’s the way I like it, and with online, I’m not able to have this.

There is no one to talk to, no one to complain about an assignment to, and no one to help. Online classes are lonely. There is no one to talk to about a course. Sure, you could email a student who is miles away who might think you’re a creeper, but that is so unrealistic. Having someone to talk to is so much better than comparing notes and copying. It’s creating a friend who will go through all of the struggle within that certain class with you. They are like an outlet for your emotions, ready to pick you up and help you along the way. This compassion and friendship is lost and will never be achievable through a screen.

Yes, there are good things to having an online class. There is no timeline on when work is due, no worry about a horrible teacher or just the fact that you don’t have to go to a physical class. I am acknowledging these points. But I have learned the hard way that online classes are just not for me. There is no motivation for me to do the class work. There is no interaction to keep me engaged. Just nothing but emotionless text to keep me company as I deteriorate trying to type an essay for a robot.