Homecoming Court Q&As: Remmie Gavle

What was your reaction to hearing your name called?

“I was definitely surprised when my name was called. There was a moment of total shock before I started walking over, and once I saw the others making their way down there [with] so much excitement on all of our faces, I felt a lot of pride for my class and Central overall. “

Why do you think you were nominated for court?

“I don’t know exactly why I was nominated for court, but I’ve always tried to be kind to everyone and make sure everyone is included. I’ve also been a pretty active participant in school events and things like that, so I hope that I’ve contributed to a good environment at FHC.” 

Who do you think deserves to be nominated that wasn’t?

“I think there are so many people in our class that deserve to be on court, and I know for a fact that everyone has amazing reasons to be nominated. Just to name a few, I think [seniors] Tananya Prankprakma, Gavin O’Meara, Logan Verlinde, Katherine Hartman, and honestly, so many other people that are just amazing and have always been so wonderful to everyone around them. They all deserve this recognition for their kindness and participation.” 

What spirit day is your favorite, and why?

“My favorite spirit day is definitely decades day, and I’m looking forward to it because it’s the same day as our lip sync; I can’t wait to see everyone go all out for their class.” 

What does it mean to you to be nominated?

“I feel so honored to have been nominated for court. To be recognized by my classmates that I’ve known for so long, as a person that’s deserving of this type of position, is just so heartwarming, and I have, no doubt, been feeling very thankful recently.” 

What is your go-to pizza topping?

“My go-to pizza topping combination is mushrooms, black olives, and green peppers. Trust me, it’s perfection.” 

If you were a song, what song would you be, and why?

“If I was a song at this very moment, it would definitely be “We Haz Jazz” from our fifth-grade musical. We all had to sing this song together, and I just feel like that was the first unifying event for our class as a whole. It has really been resonating with me since the beginning of our last year together, and it’s so cool to think of how far we’ve come since that performance.”

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