Jack McNamara

Homecoming Court Q&As: Jack McNamara

What was your reaction to hearing your name called?

“It was just joy. It was pretty cool to hear it and that people [thought] of me to be nominated.”

Why do you think you were nominated for court?

“I think I was nominated for court because I like to talk to everyone and be friendly to everyone, and I think people agree with that. So I think I know a lot of people, and I always try to be friendly with them, and I think that’s why I was nominated.”

Who do you think deserves to be nominated that wasn’t?

“I think [seniors] Sunny Xu or Gavin O’Meara—two guys who are always happy and who always have a smile on their face, two guys who could definitely be on there.”

What spirit day is your favorite, and why?

“Definitely Hawaiian-out. I mean, I looked in my closet, and I’ve got all kinds of Hawaiian stuff, so [that’s] definitely my favorite out because you can wear sunglasses and a hat; it’s a great time.”

What does it mean to you to be nominated?

“You know, it means a lot. It means that I’ve made a mark on someone’s life at least once in high school and that I’m someone that maybe they can look up to or can talk to if they need help or just feel comfortable talking with me or know me and know that I’m here for them, so it’s pretty cool to be nominated.”

What is your go-to pizza topping?

“Okay, the best pizza—it’s not even a topping—but it’s the Aloha pizza from Jet’s. It’s barbecue chicken with bacon and pineapple, and it’s delicious—especially deep-dish.”

If I was a song, what song would I be, and why?

“I’d definitely be “The Piña Colada Song.” I think it has a great tune, and it’s about two lovers who eventually find themselves again—that they truly do love each other. So I think it’s just a wonderful song, and it’s kind of my laid-back vibes, so that’s a good one.”

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