The Burger Club


Club name: Forest Hills Central Burger Club

Club leaders: Juniors Andrew Weiskopf and Evan Lubben

Instagram: @fhcburgerclub

Time commitment: Typically Wednesdays or Mondays @ 7 p.m.

Why someone should join: “Awesome atmosphere, very inclusive, and anyone’s welcome to chow down on a burger with us. Most importantly, come hungry!”

Prior Knowledge/experience needed: “None, just [know] that burgers are the best item on the menu.”

How to sign up: “Talk to Andrew Weiskopf or Evan Lubben and come to any meeting when possible.”

Fun facts/words of encouragement for someone weary of joining: “Bring an appetite and be ready to etch your name in the Burger Club history books.”

Which teacher sponsors this club/activity: “The one and only Brad Anderson.”