Player Profile: Sal Sidebotham, 1st Team All State


Kyle Peirce, Sports Reporter

Sal Sidebotham

Grade: 12

Sport: Football/Basketball

On being named a 1st team all-state player:

“It was a complete honor. It came as a bit of a surprise, but I was really excited. I’ve worked really hard for four years now, so it was great to get some personal recognition. With that said this stuff doesn’t happen without my teammates, the whole D-line, my linebacker partners throughout the year, those guys are the ones who paved the way for me to get this so it’s kind of like a team award.”

On what football has meant to him the past 4 years:

“It’s meant a lot. It has basically been my whole life. Every summer the only thing I’m thinking about is football; I’m always getting ready for that. I plan on playing in college, so hopefully I get another four years of it. I’ve been playing it ever since I was a little kid, so It has definitely meant a lot to me.”

3 things people don’t know about Sal:

  • Sal is an excellent student
  • When he was younger Sal played soccer instead of football, and when he turned five his dad told him it’s time to play some football
  • Sal is of a Lebanese descent

College Options:

Saginaw Valley State, Hamilton College, University of Maine, University of Chicago, along with a few other Division II schools in Ohio.

Favorite Class: Marketing II

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. O’Brien

Favorite Movie: Rudy

Favorite Hobby: Reading

Michigan or Michigan State: Neither, go Irish!