Intro to Business Q&As: Crandall Quinn – Lavish Lads

Product: Lavish Lads

Instagram: @lavish_lads

Group members: Crandall Quinn (leadership), Raymond Cargill (finance manager), Vaughn Cheslek (sales department), and Erik Hansen (marketing).

What purpose does your product/company serve and what problem is it looking to solve?

“We sell lanyards, and we are looking to sell to everyone looking for some great lanyards.”

Why did your group decide to go with this business idea?

“We decided to go with this because I feel like everyone can use a lanyard, and we have the best lanyards on the market.”

Why do you think your product will be appealing to the student body in general?

“I think our product will be appealing because everyone needs something to hold their keys. Lanyards are just an easy thing to use.”

How did you come up with the name?

“Raymond and Erik made it together. It started with luxury, and then we switched it to Lavish Lads.”

How can people hear about you and buy from you?

“People can buy from us on our Instagram; they can direct message us, or they can pretty much talk to anyone in the group.”

What will you be doing with your profits? Is there an organization you plan to donate a percentage of your profits to?

“Ten percent of our profits are going to the Polar Bears International Organization to help save polar bears from global warming.”

Tell me a story from your experience working on this project.

“Creating the name was a great experience because everyone came together to make the name. We had a few names initially, like luxury, and also Crandall Lanyards which Erik wanted, but we did not end up going with that.”



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