Intro to Business Q&As: Angelina Keeler – Simply Stickers

Product: Simply Stickers

Instagram: @fhc.simplystickers

Group members: Angelina Keeler (leadership/management), Luke Wedder (marketing), Ben Laidlaw (sales), Justin Baehr (supply chain), and Mason Gordon (finances)

What purpose does your product/company serve and what problem is it looking to solve?

“Our company is a sticker company, but it’s [more of] a phone accessory kind of company. You have a sticker for your iPhone, and it’s supposed to fit on the back of it. But the thing about them is [that they’re] custom made. So students [can] send a photo that they want on a Google Form, and then [it] will be printed out and given to them.”

Why did your group decide to go with this business idea?

“When Mr. Lowe was showing us the ideas that have been presented in the past, we didn’t really see any customization or anything that the customer [wants]. So we thought it would be kind of cool to have the student’s choice and to make it the product.”

Why do you think your product will be appealing to the student body in general?

“I think it will be appealing because it’s a phone accessory. It’s kind of trending right now in a way as a phone case. All the time I see pictures on the back of the iPhone clear cases, and it always falls out. I feel like a sticker is just more beneficial and more useful.”

How did you come up with the name?

“I’m pretty sure Justin just said Simply Stickers. Because it’s just a sticker, and it’s simple and it just fits really nicely.”

How can people hear about you and buy from you?

“We’re going to be promoting this on each one of our individual Instagram pages soon. So look for that with the link attached. [We’re also making] posters that go around the school.”

What will you be doing with your profits? Is there an organization you plan to donate a percentage of your profits to?

“Our social responsibility plan is to donate 10% of our total profit to This organization is a carbon offset and climate change business. Overall, it holds over one million trees planted and 38 billion pounds of CO2 offsets.”

Tell me a story from your experience working on this project.

“It’s been really different because I’m leadership and management. So it’s different for me to have to take initiative with people that I don’t really know. So I was kind of worried about that at the beginning, but it’s actually going really well. We have packaging, and the product should show up tomorrow, and it’s flowing really well. I really like how much it expanded,[especially] my logo building, because I’m also building the logo. So it’s definitely expanded my creativeness as an individual.”

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