Spooky Humans: Cohen Murray

“When we were younger, [my dad] just found it funny to [scare people.] And then, [my siblings and I] decided to join in. He would set up stuff to scare other people, and we would all dress up. He usually wore a screaming mask and a long, black robe. He would sit in a chair and not move until trick-or-treaters got close, and then he’d chase them. For example, I chased [senior] Emma Zawacki all the way to [junior] Katie Romijn’s house one time. The night before [Halloween], we’d set up all the stuff; we would have a giant spider web over our koi pond. We would set up ghosts and fishing lines across the top of our sidewalk. We usually set up decorations that won’t blow away a week or two before and then the other stuff the night before or the night of.”


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