Irish Artist Jonaton Ng Provides a Unique, Indie-Alternative Style with “i think you think too much of me”

Irish Artist Jonaton Ng Provides a Unique, Indie-Alternative Style with

Krystal Koski, Staff Writer

After spending two years creating a unique style, Irish songwriter/producer Jonathon Ng decided it was time for a change. He took on a new alias, and began to produce music with a different tone. The first EP he released under his new name was fairly successful; however, his second EP, i think you think too much of me, written entirely in his bedroom, was his first charting release. Ng’s risky plunge into a new style has provided him with great prosperity. 

Ng began his music career under the name Eden Project, independently releasing tracks in 2013 and gaining popularity through promotion networks. Under this alias, he released several remixes, over 40 tracks, and five EP’s. A majority of these songs featured an alternative-pop sound with electronic undertones. However, after releasing an EP entitled, Entrance, the track “Circles” gained reasonable traction. “Circles” deviated from his normal style, featuring an indie-oriented alternative vibe. Ng began to experiment with his new style in 2015 with Bipolar Paradise, and later that year he announced his official name change to Eden. Under his new stage name, he began producing with his own record label, MCMXCV. So far he has released two EP’s as Eden, and his second, i think you think too much of me, was released earlier this year.

i think you think too much of me continues to flaunt Eden’s indie-alternative style. The seven tracks featured are of varying lengths and express a combination of his past experiences. Through the track “drugs,” Eden expresses the pain of uprooting a relationship, and “rock + roll” shows his need to express his feelings through music and his desire to be one of the greats. Although the story behind each track is different, each song has a dark sound to it, which is an odd complement to Ng’s experimental indie-alternative style.

Of the seven tracks featured on i think you think too much of me, only four are new. The other three are re-interpretations of songs previously produced under the alias of Eden Project. “Fumes” featuring Gnash was originally found on the EP, Bipolar Paradise, and the remake was another way to showcase Eden’s newfound style. “Circles,” which was the first song to advertise the deviation in Eden Project’s sound, is re-featured on i think you think too much of me, serving as a reminder of where Ng began and his original style.

Overall, i think you think too much of me features seven phenomenal tracks that blend together perfectly. Eden strays from his previously overwhelming alternative tone to a more bizarre blend of indie and alternative styles, which provides strangely enjoyable tracks. Ng has been nothing short of successful, and his emotionally heavy songs continually amaze the music industry following his change in style and name.