Pentatonix’s new album, Evergreen, exceeds my Christmas music needs



The album cover photo for Pentatonix’s new Christmas album, Evergreen

Every year around Halloween, I start to tingle with Christmas spirit. I check the radio every day from around the 29th of October until the stations actually change the music to Christmas music. Last year, I heard 105.7 announce when they would change it—the Friday of Nov. 6 at 5 p.m.—and it was way too late in my opinion. 

This year was the first in a while that I have waited for the beginning of November to truly start my Christmas spirit overload. I didn’t check the radio daily for the change in the music—my mind was too occupied with other things to concentrate on music. But once November 1st hit, I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer. I got in the car on Monday morning, turned on the radio, and anticipated the Christmas music to blare in my ears. 

It did; I heard the tune of “All I want for Christmas is You” drifting through the car over the noise of my heater. But it was a fake. They were in the process of announcing the start date: Friday, Nov. 5th at 5 p.m. For many people, this would be perfectly fine—it was only a five-day wait—but I was not in the perkiest of moods at 7 a.m. that fine Monday morning, and I was ready to boycott the station. 

Luckily, as I wait for the radio station to once more fill my car with happiness, I have discovered a different way to listen to this beautiful genre: Evergreen. 

Pentatonix released their newest album, Evergreen, on Oct. 29th. 

The album starts off with “It’s Been a Long, Long Time.” It spans a short minute and a half, and it’s not technically a Christmas song, but it still brings memories of Christmases past to the forefront of my mind.

The song begins with the strike of a match lighting a candle, and from there, the groups’ voices fill a silence I didn’t know existed. The lack of instruments or background vocals makes this song pull at the edges of my heart, and I wish for the song to continue on forever. 

Originally released by Pentatonix on Sept. 27, “It’s Been a Long, Long Time” was used as an album and tour announcement. In the background of the voices, cheers and chants can be heard near the end, showing that it’s been a long time since they went on tour and had all the normal experiences of their careers. 

Another song on the album that caught my attention was “River.” I often forget this song exists, but from the first “oh,” this version captures my soul and allows me to take a deep breath. The harmonization of the groups’ voices amplifies the emotions the original song evokes. 

After we finish skating on the river from “River,” we have to make it to grandmother’s house, so the next song in the album is “Over the River.” 

Before this, I had only ever heard this as a folk song—mainly only in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving—and only ever a few verses. So it took me by surprise when the beginning vocals and instrumentals led to the lyrics of the Thanksgiving folk song, but a welcomed surprise it was. 

Instead of the folk song, a triumphant pop-folk beat revealed itself. Over this tune, every last word in the original poem’s line was emphasized and changed from the normal versions of this song. All of these together, along with the additional instrumental points of the song added together to make this version stand out from the rest. 

The harmonization of the groups’ voices amplifies the emotions the original song evokes. ”

Evergreen contains one new original song by Pentatonix, and it just so happens to have the same title as the album itself. “Evergreen” put me in a good mood from the first beat. The lyrics of a mother’s love remind me of all the things my mom does for me. The lyrics talk of the mother’s sacrifices and the model she set for her children, the strength she showed in front of her children, and how those children are reflecting that in their lives. 

Through the beautiful, relatable, and touching lyrics intertwining with the homey, nostalgic tune, “Evergreen” quickly became one of my favorite songs on the album; however, it was hard to pick a favorite. 

Of the fourteen songs, many of them were songs not usually heard or thought of when someone mentions Christmas music. So, even when Christmas music does turn back on to the radio tomorrow, Evergreen will be a staple I will continue to listen to throughout this holiday season and all to come.