Free Guy is a PG watch with unsurpassed suspense and thrill


20th Century Studios

Guy (Ryan Reynolds) standing in front the normal chaos that happens in Free City.

I love everything about the stereotypical idea of being in a movie theater to watch the latest film. I love the popcorn, the dark and mysterious ambiance, the weirdly comfy seats—everything, except for the teenagers that shushed me during the previews. 

The opening scene of Free Guy wasn’t anything like the actual movie. Initially, I thought it was going to be an action movie from the way cars were being crashed and buildings were aflame. However, once the plot revolving around an NPC (non-player character) started to build, Free Guy changed and became a wholesome movie with great suspense.

Parts of the movie were shot from Guy’s (Ryan Reynolds) point-of-view as he lived his simple lifestyle as a lonely man. One day, as he is walking down a sidewalk with his best friend, Buddy (Lil Rel Howery), his simple life halts to a stop when he spots the prettiest player, MolotovGirl (Jodie Comer).

Parts of the movie were shot from Guy’s (Ryan Reynolds) point-of-view as he lived his simple lifestyle as a lonely man.”

The connection between Guy and MolotovGirl created a strong sense of comfort for viewers. We watched their bond grow, but the one thing that’s kept this from a love story is the fact that MolotovGirl is one of the “sunglasses people.” The “sunglasses people” are the online players participating in the game in which Guy exists. Behind the screen, MolotovGirl is indie, video game creator Millie Rush.

Rusk and her partner, Walter “Keys” McKey (Joe Keery), are trying to gather as much proof as they can to use in a lawsuit against the “developer” Soonami. Weirdly, Guy helps the two with their plan before it is too late. Their plan was solid, but unfortunately, Soonami was throwing up barriers and destroying their plan. Little by little, I was uncomfortable with the unsatisfactory feeling of their plan having to be scratched and restarted. 

The build-up from the beginning to the end made the suspense painfully unbearable. It was almost too much. I kept changing the way I was sitting and the way my were legs crossed over each other so many times that my Swedish Fish spilled onto the ground. The Swedish Fish disaster was a problem, but so was the Fortnite Rainbow Smash Pickaxe the producers decided to sneak in. Though the Fortnite allusion was terribly cringe-worthy, there were some refreshing ones involving the Marvel movies. I have never seen a single Marvel movie in my life, but I appreciate that the producers included Hulk’s green hand and Captain America’s shield because after all, Reynolds did play Deadpool in the Deadpool movies. 

Besides a childish allusion and the reality of a painful build-up, Free Guy was a fun watch the first time, and a deep and genuine watch the second. It’s worth spilling my Swedish Fish and being shushed by teenagers if that means seeing the true charismatic relations.