Player Profile: Ray Beckering


Kyle Peirce , Sports Reporter

Ray Beckering

Grade: 12

Sports: Bowling/Football

5 Things People don’t know about Ray:

  • Most of his family went to Michigan
  • He had no prior connection to bowling
  • He used to play basketball and baseball up until 9th grade
  • Ray was on the football team this year
  • He is a captain of the bowling team

What are you most looking forward to this season?

“I’m most looking forward to the team bonding. We do a lot of outside activities like go to Qdoba after practices. The team is really close, and I think as a team we’re not the strongest but we end up winning a lot of games. We’re a fun team, and we’ve bonded really well.”

Favorite memory of bowling so far?

“My JV season, I was playing with Ryan Daugherty. We were playing Caledonia, and it came down to the final pin. I had to sink it, and I hit just enough of it. We ended up winning by one pin. It was  really intense, and it came down to one shot.”

Favorite Hobby:

“Playing basketball at Pine Ridge with the boys”

College Options:

Michigan, Oregon, and Arizona State

Favorite Class

AP Environmental Science

Favorite Teacher

Mr. Scholten

Favorite Movie

Goodwill Hunting