Dune balanced every aspect of a great movie flawlessly



Movie poster for the 2021 science fiction film Dune, starring Timothée Chalamet

Listening as my choir teacher passionately raved about the movie Dune—and watching as the internet solidified his excitement—I knew I desperately needed to get to the movie theatre to experience the film. 

Although my lack of knowledge as to what the movie would be about kept my expectations undetermined, any preconceived assumption I had about the film was completely surpassed.  

In this futuristic science fiction film, the audience follows the main character, Paul, as he faces the adversities and complexities that come with being the prince of planet Arrakis. Throughout the course of the movie, his entire life—and planet—alters completely as individuals and empires massacre and ravage in the name of greed and wealth.

That is merely scratching the surface of the film’s content. 

This movie, having been derived from the novel of the same namewritten by Frank Herbertimmediately faced the barrier of fitting 412 action-packed pages into a movie with a reasonable duration; somehow, they managed perfectly. 

Although the pace was fast-moving throughout, it helped keep the storyline engaging; there was never a scene that provided an opportunity to feel bored. Along with this quick and gripping pace, the content chosen to be in the film felt like the perfect amount to both stay away from over-explanation and to not confuse viewers by leaving too much unsaid—a very difficult balance to maintain.

On top of the overall content of the movie being perfectly curated, the actors truly seemed to be made for the roles they were given. 

Imagining anyone else playing these roles is difficult; each actor took these intricate characters and made them their own. What made this cast stand out, however, was their ability to make the connection between each character seem so genuine and unprompted. 

What made this cast stand out, however, was their ability to make the connection between each character seem so genuine and unprompted.

The chemistry between Paul, portrayed by Timothée Chalamet, and other characters throughout the film was incredible. I especially enjoyed watching his interactions with Duncan Idaho, his best friend throughout the movie, played by Jason Momoa. Their conversations seemed so genuine and full of authentic emotion. It sincerely felt as though the moments when they were casually conversing were off-script.

As incredible as the actors were, they truly were set up with the best circumstances to succeed. With a budget as high as this movie had, certain aspects are expected to be top-tier, one of these being costumes. Never have I noticed and appreciated the costumes within a movie as much as I did with this one. 

The costume designers executed each outfit perfectly and completely enhanced every scene with their work. Somehow, they managed to balance eye-catching and appealing looks with ones that fit in perfectly and never took away from the actors. As easy as costume designing may seem to some, getting it perfect within a movie is absolutely crucial, and it was thrilling to see that Dune was able to execute it correctly. 

It was incredible to be able to pay close attention to and appreciate the smaller details of this film while simultaneously enjoying the overall experience. Each and every aspect of this production was measured out perfectly and carried out just as well.

Whether you’ve been waiting for this movie for ages, or its release recently caught your eye, everyone should allow Dune to blow their minds with its incredible execution.