Dia Sriram fulfills her dreams by taking in many unique experiences


Jadelin Hinkel

Freshman Dia Sriram has had many unique experiences with the help of her parents

Many people’s ideal time in Florida would be spent basking in the sun, exploring one of the many theme parks, or enjoying nature in the Everglades. However, freshman Dia Sriram spent her time in the Southern state studying microscopic worms with her mother.

This could seem disgusting to others, but for Dia, it was an incredible experience.

Dia’s mother, at the time, was testing water and studying these creatures. Currently, she is testing wastewater for COVID-19. While this is a crucial job, this isn’t the only job Dia’s parents have had that is so important. Dia’s mom formerly studied Parkinson’s Disease and searched for a therapy cure, while her dad is a Neurologist who specializes in movement disorder. With such important jobs, things can get busy, but Dia’s parents involve teaching her wherever they can.

“My parents both have science jobs, and I think they’re really cool,” Dia said. “I look up to them when I see their jobs—I want to be successful like them.”

Despite the fact that much of her success and interest can be attributed to Dia’s own studies, her parents also have had an influence on how she views her future. With their brilliant minds and hardworking attitudes, Dia has a lot to live up to but is already well on her way to achieving such goals.

Growing up around science was a great way for Dia to learn about the world around her and realize her likes and dislikes.

“[My parents] put [science] in a good light,” Dia said. “I could always have some background experience about it because they were always talking about it and saying things.”

Since she was exposed to the wonders of the science world at an early age, Dia’s eyes have already begun focusing on which career path she wants to pursue when the time comes.

Though she is veering towards the medical field, Dia is also dabbling in the STEM program offered at FHPS. Through this, she is expanding her horizons to the world of engineering as well—although they seem vastly different, at times, medical and engineering practices are deeply intertwined.

“I want some more experience to be able to get a job in the science field,” Dia said. “It’s a cool opportunity to learn about more science; I might want to go into the medical field right now, but with engineering experience, I could do NASA or something [like that].”

In addition to the STEM program at FHC, Dia has attended a plethora of summer camps based on her interests, particularly in the scientific field.

I feel like it would be so cool to be able to do something with the mind that you have. I wouldn’t want to waste my potential on not doing something that could possibly help others.”

— Dia Sriram

From engineering to computer coding, Dia has dug deep into anything that catches her attention—this way, she can learn about everything and anything before settling on one or a few choices.

“I think [the camps] help spark my interest a little bit more,” Dia said. “You see something that would be cool to do but you don’t have any way of getting into it, so that helped me get into some things.”

While the science field isn’t attractive to everyone, it is arguably one of the most impactful studies on our planet. Leaving a legacy is something that many hope to be able to do, and scientific discoveries are a strong way to do this.

Since she is so driven and determined to succeed, it is no surprise that this is the course that Dia plans to take.

“I have always found [science] interesting,” Dia said. “I feel like it would be so cool to be able to do something with the mind that you have. I wouldn’t want to waste my potential on not doing something that could possibly help others.”