Compliments reflect the perspective of everyday life

A gray cloud hovers over my head as I walk down the tiled hallway. My shoulders slump and my mood is below fuming. Yet, a distant voice echoes through the corridor. 

“Amelia, I love your outfit! it’s so cute!”

A rush of warmth floods my body and I’m not as upset as I was the previous moment. For some reason, validation boosts my demeanor for the day and can lift my spirits just knowing that someone noticed something unique about me. 

A compliment can increase serotonin—a hormone that creates or increases the feeling of happiness—in people’s day-to-day life and can help positive energy formulate. 

Showing people you care about a general aspect of their outfit, hairstyle, nails, etc. can really impact how special they feel. We never know exactly how someone’s day is going, and it’s never a problem to try to brighten their day. 

When I feel insecure about my outfits, getting told I look adorable instantly flips my attitude; I immediately feel powerful. Overthinking and school can consume the majority of teenage life and a quick phrase of love can really benefit those struggling. 

Along with shining a light on someone’s dark day, it can build trust or a bond between you and those around you. After more encounters, a friendship could grow from the warm place within them caused by your compliments. It contributes not only to the individual getting the compliment, but also to the one who gave it. 

You feel 100 times better after being the reason someone smiled, blushed, or had a better day. It adds joy for you too knowing you made a difference in the way a person will view the rest of their day. So why not give more compliments?

When I feel insecure about my outfits, getting told I look adorable instantly flips my attitude; I immediately feel powerful.”

People normally feel scared to reach out to give someone a sweet message. I get nervous they won’t hear me or that they’ll judge the way I sound—it’s definitely an overwhelming feeling. Yet there’s far more good than bad that comes out of praising somebody. 

Offering a compliment can boost confidence in others. It can show a different perspective on a particular detail the person was complimented on. Confidence is key to a healthy lifestyle, accepting and acknowledging something as simple as someone’s bracelet can assist in growing their confidence. 

Studies, mentioned in Compliments: 7 Benefits for both the Giver and the Receiver, have shown it also helps increase multiple cognitive functions such as motivation and memory. 

Some find joy in awarding anyone with a compliment, wanting themselves and the other person to feel that delight over and over again. There is no harm in casting radiance on someone’s morning, afternoon, or night—it gifts you a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. 

Being known as a kind-hearted person is a blessing everyone could benefit from. A reputation as beautiful as that can show anyone how welcoming your personality is and can help you feel better and more confident about yourself. 

Everyone should reach out and give caring words to those around them, aid in generating a comfortable environment, and produce a glow for those who may need it.