Red Robin’s Signature Blend Seasoning topped off my dish perfectly


The only seasoning I put on my fries is salt. I especially love the cubed sea salt you have to twist out. But when I saw my mom sprinkling a tan seasoning onto her potatoes at Red Robin, it piqued my interest.

Like me, my mom doesn’t put anything on her food—we’re both very picky eaters. Yet, she covers her entire plate with layers of the Red Robin Signature Blend Seasoning and reminisces about the memories she’s had with the blend as a younger child, flooding her food with the same seasoning when she had come into the restaurant back in the 70s. 

The smell glides up my nose, causing my mouth to water and my hands to immediately reach over to lather my french fries with the spice. I shake the tube, watching the little sprinkles brush onto my food. 

Dusting off the excess season, I grab a singular fry and place it into my mouth. As this zesty flavoring meets my tongue, I feel exceedingly pleased by the taste. This condiment skyrocketed over my expectations. 

The taste clashed with everything delicately and helped create a new lively savor for my clucks and fries. ”

It gave off a spice, a tiny burn tingling my tongue—that could be because I can’t handle spice; I think pepper is spicy—yet contradicted itself with sweetness immediately after. It added a whole new enjoyable flavor to the already perfectly cooked french fries and I continued to engulf them in this seasoning over and over. 

Loving the blend so much, I added some on top of my salted chicken tenders to test how well it would taste with different varieties of food. The crispy chicken merging with the snappy taste of the signature seasoning was savory, a 10/10.  

As the night went on, I doused everything I ate in the tiny grains that once sat in the large clear tube. I found it quite difficult to pry my hands off and stop saturating my food in it. The taste clashed with everything delicately and helped create a new lively savor for my clucks and fries. 

I have never tasted anything like it; I’ve never even seen it on the tables the past few times I’ve been to Red Robin. It baffled me to have never tried it before, 15 years and I have now discovered a sapidity so defectless. 

When all my food had vanished from my basket, there was nothing else to dip into the seasoning, and I felt compelled to order more of their bottomless fries just to continue to fill my mouth with the pleasant taste the condiment brought. I retracted myself from doing so and accepted I’d have to make more stops at Red Robin to enjoy the blend. 

Or so I thought. Fortunately, they sell the spices at local stores such as Walmart. Joy overrode my system when I was notified, and I can’t wait to beg my mom to drive me over to Walmart and load up on Red Robin’s seasoning. Though it won’t taste the same sheltered on Meijer brand potatoes, anything with this blend will top its previous taste. 

No matter your preference on condiments, Red Robin’s Signature Blend Seasoning is something everyone should try—it’s simply superlative.