Through marching band, Toby Cameron has made many relationships and memories


Toby Cameron

Toby Cameron plays the saxophone in the marching band as a freshman.

Freshman Toby Cameron was at the marching band talent show doing a lip-sync with the saxophone section, and he was not enjoying it.

“At the end of marching band, every instrument has to go with their section and perform a lip sync,” Toby said, “and ours was not the best.”

While that aspect of marching band was not his favorite, Toby has enjoyed being a member of the marching band and the saxophone section. Despite the few things that aren’t his favorite, he has really enjoyed the whole experience.

Toby has been playing the saxophone since seventh grade and played the trombone the year before that. He doesn’t think he was very good at the trombone, and he likes the saxophone much better.

Toby’s favorite part of marching band is the football games. Being able to play with the band but also watch the game is very exciting to him.

“Being at the games is very fun,” Toby said, “because you are able to play and talk to your friends.” 

Marching band has helped Toby reach out and meet more people. Being in the band means that he meets so many people from different grades and different friend groups, but they all come together and make music. He has made so many new friends through band.

“It’s a great way to meet people,” Toby said. “Almost everyone there is friends with each other. It’s a great social experience, and aside from band camp when you’re marching from eight [a.m] to six [p.m.] every day, it’s pretty fun.”

The connections that Toby has made through band are extremely valuable, and since everybody from the middle school band moves up together, they all know each other and have friends, but they also get to meet new people as they transition into the high school program. 

‘Almost everyone there is friends with each other. It’s a great social experience, and aside from band camp when you’re marching from eight [a.m.] to six [p.m.] every day, it’s pretty fun.’”

— Toby Cameron

Being a freshman in a class with all of the grades puts you at the bottom of the food chain, and even though most people are very accepting and kind, it can still be nerve-wracking going into a class where you are the underdog.

Due to the circumstances of the past two years, the freshmen haven’t had a large opportunity to practice their instruments. COVID-19 put a pause on rehearsals, so they didn’t learn much, making them unprepared for high school band.

The freshmen were at a disadvantage, but the members of the band were nice about it and helped them out.

This year, the band is going to Disney for a trip, and Toby is looking forward to that. The band gets to march in a parade at Disney, but they also get time to do whatever they want and explore.

“We have one day where we have to do work,” Toby said. “And then the rest of the days, we are able to go to Disney and go to Universal with our friends, and we don’t have to worry about doing anything.”

Toby is looking forward to the Disney trip and being able to spend time with his friends and also play his instrument. The Disney trip is going to be very fun, and he is anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Joining the band is something that Toby will never regret. The relationships he has made make the whole experience better, and even if it was intimidating at first, it is something that he really enjoys.

“It is good to jump in and do something,” Toby said, “even if you’re unsure about it because it might be really fun and you don’t know it.”