A desire I’m aching for

The icon of mizo idol

The icon of mizo idol

As I watch people having anxiety coming through their hearts, they burst their feelings out as soon as they begin letting their voice sing the lyrics out. It’s a beautiful transformation of seeing them discover who they’re meant to be. All the way in the streets of Aizawl, Mizoram, there is a place for anybody to contest for the Mizo Idol.

For me, it’s disparate that Mizoram is not a very metropolitan state, but there’s still a chance for people to come down as if it were a downtown city and audition for the idol. Whenever I watch videos of random people singing out, I could absolutely tell that they’re talented but also deeply passionate about it.

I could tell how ardent the people are for giving out a harmony and melody in their hearts. They had those emotions kept inside for so long, and as soon as their voice hits, they could let everything come out of their mind. I could even imagine myself being in the show and doing the same thing too—exposing my feelings out of whatever I’m going through. Sometimes, it’s casual. But mostly, it would be about hardships I’ve faced or the joyful memories that would make my days better.

To be honest, I can see myself standing on the podium and doing the exact same thing as these contestants, simply expressing myself in front of a million different faces. I am deeply in love with finding my voice and letting others know how I feel about a certain situation. Or, if I have my own traumas going on, I have a way to be confident of sharing that no matter what.

Despite the fact that I don’t understand the language very well, I still keep all of those songs playing in my mind over and over. Yes, it may be shocking or unexpected to see a foreigner singing a person’s native tongue, but doesn’t that happen to other people too? I’ve also witnessed an outsider singing a song of my own language, but I don’t find it shocking nor unexpected. I feel proud and supportive of letting them be engulfed in showing their love for singing different languages.

To be honest, I can see myself standing on the podium and doing the exact same thing as these contestant, simply expressing myself in front of a million different faces.”

Maybe when I graduate from college and get my dream career, I’ll take the chance to audition for Mizo Idol. However, that’s a maybe. Obviously, I need to at least understand the message or main idea of the song and become emotional through that. No need to be afraid of doing so when my heart is starting to leave some space for tears and laughs.

Planning to live up to this goal is not something I have confirmed, but there’s one quote that I have learned since I was younger from the movie Barbie and the Three Musketeers, and that is “True courage is pursuing your dream, even when everyone else says it’s impossible.”

I doubt that I will ever discourage myself from at least trying to reach this goal. No matter what.