The boots that should be keeping you warm and stylish this winter season


The rainy season leading up to full-blown winter is known for its sudden surge of style in the shoe department.

One of my favorite designs to become popular because of the weather is ASOS’s chunky Chelsea boots. These black shoes go perfectly with any outfit and make every complementary piece look more expensive. They’re faux-leather with chunky soles and moulded treading, which sets them apart from any other boot.

Easily, my favorite feature is that they’re easy to put on with the pull tab coming out of the back of the shoe. More common boots, such as Doc Martens, have the iconic pull tab for easy access, and clientele couldn’t be more appreciative, I’m sure. 

For a more feminine look, I would pair this quick selling version of the Chelsea booties with a short black dress, tights, and a long leather jacket. A popular style in 2021 seems to be inspired by young women who dabble heavily in the grunge aesthetic; if that’s the look you’re going for, these boots match that specific taste perfectly. 

Interestingly enough, for a more business casual look, I think that an almost floor length trench coat and a distressed pair of jeans is another route you could go when styling these shoes. I think it’s important to still keep the black color and leather material constant throughout the outfit to highlight these boots, so mix and match mindfully. 

A harder shoe to style would be go-go boots. AliExpress manufactures them in three different colors: red, white, and black—but even with the color variety, they’re hard to find complementary pieces for. These knee-high, zip-up shoes are super cute in theory but it also takes an acquired taste to dress them appropriately. `

These high heel, leather boots were extremely popular in the 60’s, and like most things, they’ve circled back into their prime in 2021. I haven’t seen these shoes out and about, but I think that should change. They’re extremely unique and can spice up any look, but it’s also important to not make these shoes look like a Halloween costume. 

Something that has a high chance of being tacky are UGGs. Seemingly popular for middle school girls, these knock-offs from SHEIN are just as cheap looking as any shoe can get. They’re chunky in all the wrong places and look stiff from any angle. While I may be biased because of my hatred for the original UGGs design, the five-star rating on these shoes must have been a mistake. 

Not only is SHEIN known for having low quality items in the past, these just look uncomfortable to walk in when the point is to be comfy in these fuzzy lined boots. A great alternative to this disappointment would be their more stylish cousin: Lugz Empire Hi Faux-Fur boots.

Available from multiple different shoe retailers, these water-resistant boots are slimming and interesting to look at; they’re worth the seventy dollars that they’re marked at. This model is just as common as UGGs and yet, so much more appealing to the eye. There isn’t a stigma around this type of shoe, and I love the large color variety.

Similarly, for men, Timberland’s are the boot of 2020. I saw these shoes on every street corner—rightfully so. The Timberland company as a whole receives a lot of praise for the high quality of these boots, and I can see why. They go with any outfit and are easy to style while still looking expensive and thoughtful. These water-proof boots come in a variety of colors, just like the Lugz, but the most infamous would be Rust Nubuck. If you’re looking for a sleek, popular style, these shoes are the ones for you.

While Tim’s are more popular, Nike produces a men’s boot that I’ve never seen before. Nike Goaterra 2.0’s are unlike anything else under the Air Max name, and I’m honestly intrigued. While I knew this infamous brand manufactures boots, what I didn’t know is how close the design was to their sneakers. 

Nike’s description of these individual boots claims that “they’re easy to dress up or down for any occasion,” but I don’t see how. While it might be that they’re made in army green, they remind me too much of combat boots from an old war movie.

Nike is an extremely popular brand, but these shoes walk a fine line of being a hit or miss, and I’m leaning towards miss. They’re awkward-looking and unlike the usual sneaker mold that this company is known for—they’re just too different. I will praise anyone who can style these shoes correctly, but as of right now, I’m still waiting to see anyone try.

Another boot that’s hard to wear correctly would be any thigh-high style. Whenever I think of shoes like these, I think of Ariana Grande and her obsession in earlier years. While these shoes do have the power to make young women look taller, I think it’s a risky move. Easily, they can look cheap or overdone. 

While Altar’d State’s take on this short-lived trend goes just above the knee, there are some companies who take the name “thigh-high” to the extreme. While cute in theory, they’re just too hard to get right. If you can pull off these shoes, more power to you.

Ending on a fun note, Emery Rose’s cowboy boots are something that anyone could pull off with an item such as a fun, complimentary dress. These embroidered booties are so fun to look at and definitely make up for other companies who are lacking in this department. 

Emery Rose manufactures the same style of boot but in different colors and prints, which is something that more cowboy boots need. That style tends to stick to a traditional take on the shoes, so I’m glad that this company hit it right on the mark with these ones. They look vivacious, vibrant, and comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with these shoes, and out of all of the styles this year, I would love to see more of them.