TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2021: Ken George

My family and my career

Thank you first to Meg, Jordan, and Ty for obvious reasons. My family is everything to me. And, thanks to the English department for taking on more and doing it for the kids. Thanks also to all of my “work friends” who played corn hole with me this summer and support me every day at work. 

2nd hour

Thank you to Josie for influencing everyone (including me!) every day with your positivity and kindness, Ayla for always smiling and giving me your best effort in everything we do, Ashtyn for stepping up and making my class important in your life, Berkleigh for starting to understand how talented you are as a writer and speaker, Jonah for switching to Honors after switching to FHC, Joey for being a positive and engaged leader without even knowing you’re a leader among your peers, Emma for being an elite listener and thinker (your humility is refreshing because everyone else around you knows how talented you are), Penny for the best Transcendentalism project that clearly displayed your intelligence, creativity, and curiosity, Saniya for always giving 100 percent effort and earning the only 100 percent on the essay and being 100 percent sure you’re joining The Central Trend next year, Peyton for treating my class just like you do your running: full effort, toughness, perseverance, and a quest for perfection, Mia for putting up with my constant questions about cross country and for not bragging about your academic and athletic talents even though you have every right to, Noah for stopping by all the time and showing genuine enjoyment in my room, Molly for using your energy and smile to make every day feel like a Friday, Alexa for your humility when everyone else knows how gifted you are, Addy for always raising your hand and being ready with an intriguing and interesting comment, Abrielle for your kindness and compassion to go along with being committed to giving full effort all the time, Owen for the daily fist bump, daily updates, and daily energy that uplifts everyone around you, Liam for your 2nd place poem and for being serious about your desire to improve and work, Sydney for the impressive Transcendentalism project that showcased your intelligence and depth of thought, Jenna for smiling so much every day in class and making the most of every learning opportunity, Andrew for adding so much to class discussions with your depth of thought and intelligence, Philip for working hard through missing class for golf and for reading more than you probably want to but staying positive through it all, TZ for understanding your impact and growing as a leader, Eva for battling through and giving me your best during a difficult time, Angela for working hard, smiling and laughing often, and being a friend to many, Parker for approaching your academics with a serious attitude but still having fun in class, Jayden for always raising your hand and for raising your game over the past month, John for sharing some of your writing with me and for picking up the energy in the room during The Scarlet Letter grind!

3rd hour

Ashley for your elite listening ability and ability to make everyone else comfortable, Jillian for your consistency and your fun personality that makes my days brighter, Amelia for your focus, commitment, creativity, perseverance and humility, Brady for accepting the challenge and then rising up to meet it, Syd R. for being one half of the ‘Syd Team’ and for explaining to everyone that honors is honors and it’s supposed to be hard, Syd F. for understanding that reading can be fun and intriguing and for checking in every day (I’m so proud of you), Abby for being a student that I can always count on in all situations (reliability is an awesome trait!), Jo (Rach) for your great sense of humor and quiet leadership, Chris for pushing yourself to join the honors crew and then showing every day that you not only deserve to be here but that you’re thriving, Dylan for being ready with a solid comment and for being a focused and interested listener to me and other students, Matthew for bringing your best attitude and effort every day and adding personality to the class, Alex M. for dominating your first essay and for making my class important with your effort and commitment, Ava for loving to read and also understanding that listening and being involved has made all the difference, Alex C. for letting your voice be heard and for keeping me updated on all the tennis news, Sam for enhancing and highlighting my hatred for Doritos and adding so much to the classroom atmosphere, Madi for always being ready with a thought-provoking response in class and for putting up with me twice a day, Nat for striving to improve, fighting hard to excel, and always bringing a positive attitude, Jiya for making sure your voice and ideas are heard and for your ability to make others smile, Melinda for being prepared and ready to make an intelligent comment while bringing a positive attitude every day, Skyler for your leadership in the room and for working hard through golf season to keep up with your work and stay engaged in class, Iman for always being kind and considerate of everyone around you and always asking how I’m doing, Zariah for doing what is expected and then doing so much more (and doing it with a smile and conviction), Alaina for making the most of your time at FHC – we’ll miss you.

4th hour

Maya F. for caring so much about your grades and also for learning to understand that they don’t define you or your talents, Josie for sharing your voice with all of us—as a student and as the most gifted singer I’ve ever heard, Keaton for the daily check-in at the start of class and your positive impact on everyone in the room, Nathaniel for your happiness – yep, that’s it – just your happiness that starts with you and then spreads through the room, Zachary for stepping out of your comfort zone and stepping up on every assignment/experience/project, Chris for sharing your soccer stories and working so hard on your essays, Jacob for quiet leadership that helps me every day and shows how important you make my class, Taylor for our talks about fishing and your willingness to have fun and learn at the same time, Nat for persevering and for an excellent presentation, Litany for your first-place poem and your first-rate kindness and first-rate concern for others, Emalea for the jokes, the joy, and just being you, Tori for the beautiful ceiling tile over my desk that will always remind me to stay young, Syd for making a positive impact in my room from the very first day and for the kind thank you note that still makes my day, Grace for just “getting it” and adding depth to class with your insightful comments, Ben for your energy and fun talks about fantasy football and life, Lilly for letting your voice be heard and for your huge heart and kindness, Alyse for always sharing your California stories with us (but, we’re so glad you came to FHC!), Katie for a calm demeanor that sometimes shields the fun-loving personality and energy that we all love you for, Gigi for sharing your public speaking skills with all of us and being uplifting to everyone in the room , Maya S. for asking me how my lunch is every single day of the school year (and actually caring) and for working so hard to learn and excel, Zenash for the fun-loving attitude and unwavering dedication to giving your absolute best in every situation, Teague for the energy you bring to the room and your commitment to getting it all done. 

5th hour

Soph for your persistence and work ethic in the face of challenges, Maggie Schimeck for always asking how I am and then listening very closely to the answer, Kayla for our daily “what’s up” conversations (I’m thankful you’re in my class), Emmy for laughing and smiling all hour to uplift everyone around you, Dylan for talking loudly and confidently when called upon and for giving me your best, Q for the personality and exuberance you bring into the room every day, Kiera for being ready and interested and involved from day one, Eva LaBeau for your mature insight into life and the human experience during every class discussion, Will for quietly standing out and raising your hand and joining in, Hayden for always offering to help me and your classmates, Millie for being a lover of quotes (me, too!) and for adding so much to the classroom with your comments, passion, and personality, Paige for sharing your thoughts and ideas every day and making us all smile with your stories, Lily for our talks about tennis and for working hard to go to the next level as a speaker ,Vaughn for your leadership that promotes an atmosphere of cooperation, enjoyment, and learning, Sofia for walking in every day looking excited to spend the last two hours of your day in Room 139 (your attitude impacts those around you!), Claire for your strong writing and for being quick with a comment in class, Ayla for smiling all the time and showing that school can be serious but also fun, Makayla for thinking of others by bringing the mints and thinking of me by working hard on your writing and speaking, Olivia showing toughness and perseverance in swimming and in class while still being goofy and fun, Jia for your masterful skills as a listener, leader, and lover of words, Lucy for being one of the kindest students I’ve ever worked with and for caring so sincerely about learning, Quinn for focusing so hard on doing your best while also enjoying your time in class and smiling all the time, Adam for a drive to succeed and our talks to just catch up or discuss sports, Zach for understanding that school isn’t all just about “doing stuff” (I appreciate your involvement and interest in what we study), Maggie Sneider for being a teacher’s dream: organized, fun, funny, committed, and consistent, Anna for your skills as a communicator—you’re an expert listener (thanks so much for this!), writer, and speaker, Bennet for sharing your soccer stories and making everything we do a priority, Mahta for smiling when you walk in, still smiling while you work, and STILL smiling when you say thank you every day, Hannah for bringing a positive attitude into the room every day and for sharing your plethora of talents as a coach (with the cheerleading camp) and as a mentor (with the Project Charlie), Eva for adding much more than you think to the class; you’re one of those leaders who doesn’t know she’s a leader.

6th Hour

Monia for your sense of humor and desire to do the right thing, Man for laughing so hard you were crying and for stretching yourself as a writer, Amelia for surviving my dad jokes twice a day and for giving your best on every story, Katelynn for your genuine and deep concern for the well-being of me, my class, and your classmates, Ellie for gifting us with your passionate and perceptive writing, Joel for being a rising star in the class with your intriguing and precise writing, Gigi for your huge heart for others in this class, Lucas for working and studying and working some more and writing and working (your ability to do it all is so impressive), Alex for always making your classmates smile and for planning to spend the next three years in Room 139, Emma for persevering and pushing through, Mel for showing all of us your writing talent and for the positive vibes in all your emails, Marissa for proving to yourself and everyone on staff that you have the talent and drive to do anything and everything, Madi for always making us laugh with your stories and for putting up with me twice a day, Arpita for making Room 140 your home and for sharing your fun stories and infectious sense of humor with all of us (thanks for the incredible kind comments at Trendsgiving), and Lauren for coming back to Room 139, for teaching me the right questions to ask, and for taking care of everyone around you without a thought about yourself.


KB for taking an idea and running with it, Lauren for your unwavering commitment to The Central Trend and for doing everything the right way with 100 percent focus and effort despite being busy with dance and life, Allie for always coming back to Room 139 and for unparalleled reliability and consistency and for always thinking about others, Masyn for your selflessness, energy and love for others, Coco for showcasing your talents as a writer and your fashion knowledge through TCT and for always bringing positivity and a smile into my room third hour, Addy for kindness and laughter that brightens everyone’s days, Kels for bringing your love of words and writing back to the forefront, Sof for the dedication and commitment to a group you love and a room you cherish, Eva for writing that captivates, motivates, and inspires the rest of the staff, Jadelin for always supporting your friends on staff while fitting photo galleries into your busy schedule, Avery for your growth as a passionate, creative, charismatic and inclusive leader whose smile makes us all feel better about everything, Kiera for never wavering with your writing and effort despite all of the challenges we’ve faced (I never worry about you or your work), Meggie for writing with unrivaled voice and diction, Liza for three years of special times in Room 139, for always taking time for others, and for being a writer and student who always meets goals and deadlines, Nat for living out your dreams in Room 139 and for leadership that motivates and challenges while always remaining selfless and kind, Syd for finding your voice through TCT and improving with every single story, Veronica for always striving for more and for your consistency and passion for journalism, Jessie for another year of showing off with words (there will never be another student who can do what you do), Emma for caring so much that we have to tell you to stop caring so much and for earning the respect and admiration of everyone you meet because of your compassion and dedication.

Sports Report

Thanks to the entire staff— Mac, Thomas, Tate, Teague, Adam, TT, Noah, Joe, Serena, and Pierson—for understanding the adjustments we made this year and for welcoming Mr. Sultini into the fold! And, special thanks to Thomas, Tate, and Adam for taking on the editorship roles and leading the FHC Sports Report into the next stage of its existence. I’m proud of what you’ve all accomplished the past two years and am thankful for your commitment to covering FHC’s athletes.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to some former students who always stop by to keep me updated on their lives. I appreciate that you take the time to tell me about exciting things in your lives and also ask about mine. Thanks to Shannon, Alex, Syd, Sarah, Mady, Lydia, Annie, Daniel, Sammy, Grace, Olivia, Holly, Kam, Addi, Brynn, Kenz, Addy, Nate, Ally, Gavin, Kaylin, Val, Celine, Mia, Katya, and others (sorry if I forgot you).

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