Single All the Way taught me about the true meaning of Christmas

There are three reasons why I always enjoy this time of year. My birthday is always exactly a month before Christmas, Black Friday never fails to be enjoyable, and Christmas and New Year are next to each other, both holidays that are towards the end of the year and always seem to catch me by surprise even though they happen annually. 

When it comes to watching Christmas movies, I never have a problem with watching them, unless it’s not around Christmas time or if the movie has a bad ending. So when I came across the movie “Single All the Way” on Netflix, I was very excited to watch it. My assumption about the movie was that it would be about someone who would spend Christmas alone rather than being in a relationship, something I have been doing for the past 15 years and have never had a problem with. 

The film starts out with Peter and Nick, two roommates who share an apartment in LA. Peter works for social media, and Nick is a handyman who does writing on the side. When Peter is called to come home for Christmas, his family expects to meet Peter’s boyfriend.  Because Peter is single, he decides to bring Nick along for the ride as his pretend boyfriend. Before the family finds out the truth, Peter’s mom sets Peter on a date with James, a trainer at a gym who does skiing on the side, which starts to make Peter confused about who he really has feelings for. 

After watching the movie, I don’t have any regrets because I was able to learn about the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas to me means spending it with people that make me happy. These people are often my friends and family, whom I value spending time with because I want to make countless memories with them alongside the falling snow outside to radiate the jolly spirits that I want to feel during Christmas. 

I want to make countless memories with them along with the falling snow outside to radiate the jolly spirits that I want to feel during Christmas.”

— Arpita Das

Although this movie was about being in a relationship during the holidays, I don’t think being in one is required to have a memorable holiday. When it comes to Christmas, what matters to me isn’t whether or not I am in a relationship by this time of year but rather who I choose to spend it with. 

Even though it would be nice to be in a relationship, I think what matters most during the holidays is that as long as you aren’t spending them alone you can be just as happy single as you would be in a relationship. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys Christmas but wants to expand their knowledge on the holiday and understand it from a different point of view.