Totally Tea provided me with aesthetically pleasing and delicious drinks


Totally Tea’s logo and menu

Totally Tea, located in Woodland Mall, has been receiving a lot of hype recently. They sell fruit teas, milk teas, and boba teas. I passed by once and noticed the obnoxiously long line. Instantly intrigued, I knew that it was necessary to try them out.

When I went to get my tea, I was quite confused about how to order. Their menu was a list of different milk teas, fruit teas, favorites, pure fresh teas, and toppings—which were the different types of boba. I wasn’t completely sure if I was supposed to mix and match or just ask for one of the teas and expect it to come with boba.

After a little debating, I decided to mix and match. I ordered the Lemon Fruit Tea with strawberry boba and the Brown Sugar Milk Tea with tapioca boba. When I got the drinks, they came with a seal, one pink and one black. On the seal was a picture of a cup of boba, and the words ‘enjoy every moment’ and ‘good things take time.’ This made me very giddy because I thought it was so cute.

When I got the lemon tea, I was surprised by how gorgeous it was. Admittedly, I originally got it because I wanted a pretty drink, but this one really pulled through; my expectations were exceeded.

The brown sugar milk tea had a nice mix of the white from the tea and the brown from the sugar, making a nice gradient and a beautiful aesthetic. Based on looks alone, this seemed rather promising. 

Lemon Fruit Tea with Strawberry Boba

This drink immediately made me think of sitting on the beach on a hot summer day sipping lemonade. I wanted to try a fruity boba tea, having never tried one before, and I think that was an exceptional choice—for those who like lemon. When I took my first sip, I was met with an overpowering taste of lemon, however, I enjoyed it very much, even if it was a bit sweet. I think that people who don’t like lemon won’t like this tea because it is quite sour and lemony. However, for me, the mouth puckering eruption was everything I wanted. 

Admittedly, I originally got it because I wanted a pretty drink, but this one really pulled through; my expectations were exceeded.”

The strawberry boba was very satisfying, and it is very unlike the tapioca boba that I have indulged in before. It almost felt like the boba exploded when I bit it. The shell was sort of gelatin like, and the inside gushed strawberry juice. It felt very surreal to eat the boba because I had never eaten anything like it. This was an entirely new experience.  

The flavor of the boba was overpowered by the tea, but by the time I finished the tea, I had a lot of boba left over. As I finished, I ate the boba by itself and could recognize the strawberry more.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Tapioca Boba

This drink is always my go to when I am ordering a boba tea, so I decided to try Totally Tea’s rendition. The tea has a lot of brown sugar flavor—which is what I expected from a brown sugar tea. It was definitely milky, but I didn’t dislike it even though I regularly dislike milk.

The boba doesn’t really have any flavor being plain tapioca, so it didn’t stand out. Compared to the strawberry boba, the tapioca was very chewy. I prefer the strawberry popping boba over the tapioca, but I don’t think a fruit boba would do well in a milk tea, so tapioca was left as the sole option.

As a whole, I love this drink, and it reminds me of fall for reasons I can’t quite place. I would like for the boba pearls to be less chewy, however, I can deal with it if it means I get the Brown Sugar Milk Tea.

Overall, Totally Tea met all of my expectations. I am satisfied with the choices in tea I made, and I would definitely go there again and probably try out some new teas.