The embodiment of you: the most expressive hairstyle of the new year


I’ve always been a strict believer of the fact that fashion is a form of art—one of the most subjective embodiments of it. This means that the clothes you put on your body reflect you as a person: your interests, the colors that make your eyes pop, or even the things you don’t like. Besides just articles of popular brands, a part of your everyday outfit is your hairstyle.

It is typical to have neutral colors and medium lengths. But, it seems that the more wild people go, the more popular the trend becomes.

Especially in the past two years, shaving your head down to a buzzcut has become one of the most striking and empowering ways of expressing oneself. Feminine or masculine, this trend embodies stepping outside of society’s norms to feel authentic to yourself and your art.

On the Instagram account, @cutandrunhair, there are multiple posts of the musical artist—Ben Murphie—with his hair less than an inch long. Scrolling through his social media pages, his entire aesthetic and theme consists of vibrant pinks and yellows—it isn’t surprising that his hair is dyed the same. 

Along with chopping off inches upon inches of hair, the most subjective take on a buzzcut is incorporating art into your hair dye. Murphie’s head, once decorated in pink cow spots, shared a striking resemblance to his newest electric pop album which was released in early October of last year.

While the vibrancy of Murphie’s loud personality matches his hair perfectly, a hair stylist based in Berlin—Janina Zais—is known for helping other people express their true selves just as Murphie had.


Just two days ago on Zais’s Instagram, @janinazais, they posted Gio Luciass’s newest buzz, which was painted with multiple red smiley faces, all melting into each other. Now posted on Instagram for the international fashion brand, Hugo, this hairstyle must be inspiring thousands of people to express themselves boldly as well.

Personally, I believe, especially for fashion purposes, going above and beyond always serves the model well. Any powerful hair color or unique cut draws your eyes to that one person—it serves its purpose. This dye job specifically is the best form of art I’ve seen out of 2022 yet.

Similar to that breathtaking piece, the beauty boutique, Hair Salon- Los Angeles, puts forth fine technique and inspiration to this world with their looks just like Zais does. Posted on the founder’s Instagram, @majormoonn, we can see what is described as “a spiderweb turned into a stained-glass, multicolor piece.”

While still straying away from the traditional buzzcut, natural colors, Moon’s explanation is spot on. This look gave us every color of the rainbow and can undoubtedly be paired with almost any palette and every outfit imaginable. At this point in time, it’s old news, in the eyes of the media, to get your hair what is now described as bland colors—it’s all about the pop.

Granted, this hairstyle isn’t extremely common in smaller cities, I think that industrial center fashion should most definitely carry over more. Usually people will compliment someone who looks out of the ordinary and isn’t afraid to try new things—this hair style is exactly that.


You can express yourself in so many different ways with all the variety in art styles you can incorporate into it. Regardless if you’re considering this cut for yourself or not, it’s always inspiring to see how other people are presenting themselves.

In 2022, we should all focus on showing everyone the real us. Maybe that’s through your hair or your wardrobe, but at the end of the day, bolder is better. The more expressive, the better.