Tasty flavors attract customers to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream


Susannah Bennett, Staff Writer

For centuries, people have treated their taste buds with classic ice cream. The great selection of ingenious flavors entices all types of people with creamy textures encouraging pure bliss. Numerous companies experiment, testing their latest creations in the search for the tastiest flavors. Ben & Jerry’s use their unique and creative spirit to create flavors, and after multiple experiments, they made their most popular flavors: Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Therapy, and Half Baked.

Chunky Monkey appeals to people everywhere, as the flavor interests fruit lovers, nut lovers, and chocolate lovers. Pieces of fudge and walnut are expertly blended through the delectable banana ice cream, and its aromatic smell treats the sense even before the tasty spoonful enters your mouth. With it’s inventive mix of smooth and chunky, Chunky Monkey is sure to make you go bananas over the tasty blend.

Whether you are lover of fruit, chocolate, nuts, or classics, Ben & Jerry’s is all you need and is sure to please.”

Another beloved flavor is Chocolate Therapy, and it lures all-out chocolate lovers. It’s a heavenly combination of chocolate products that is beloved by all chocolate fanatics. Chocolate Therapy is chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie bits and rich swirls of chocolate pudding. As the title ensues, the first-rate combination will soothe your nerves with a single chocolatey spoonful.

Every part of Half Baked ice cream is half: half vanilla, half chocolate, half baked chocolate chip cookie dough, and half baked fudge brownies. This flavor combines classic ice cream flavors with scrumptious chunks of cookie and brownie dough, creating an irresistible mixture. Beyond this delicious mix is a story of generosity. After partnering with benefits corporations, Greyston and Rhino Bakeries, Half Baked does good while also tasting good. These bakeries provide jobs for people regardless of their background,  preparing them to be able to work well in professional settings. Greyson and Rhino Bakeries also assists in housing and other necessities for people who are in need of them.

Delicious classic flavors such as Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Therapy, and Half Baked appeal to the senses. As an inventive company, Ben & Jerry’s is the most favored company that aims to satisfy masses with their wonderful results. Whether you are lover of fruit, chocolate, nuts, or classics, Ben & Jerry’s is all you need and is sure to please.