The Disney World choir trip is highly anticipated by all those involved


David Guerrero on Pexels

The iconic Disney castle, which FHC’s choir will soon be visiting

This year, fifty students will get a chance to experience the joy of Disney World while partaking in a choir trip. Every two years, the choir classes take a trip to Disney, and this is one of those exhilarating years.

The trip starts Thursday Feb. 10 and will last for three days—filled with hot weather, the enchanting Disney experience, and opportunities for the young singers to expand their horizons. 

“The trip has two main purposes,” choir teacher Sean Ivory said. “One is so that we can interact with some professional musicians [in Florida]; we have a workshop planned for one of the days. It’s just a chance to do some cool things while learning music. They will do a thing where you record songs, and it will become the soundtrack to scenes from various movies. There is also a section where we do some choreography to get an experience with that. The other component [of the trip] is bonding with your fellow choir members.”

While Ivory knows what he is most looking forward to, he expects his students have a different objective in mind.

“[My students are probably looking forward to] being together,” Ivory said. “Being away from home and the snow, having a good time around all the Disney stuff—it’s just a really good time.”

Another key aspect of the trip is bonding, and that extends to both Ivory and the choir students, including sophomore Dylan Pomeroy. Dylan is eagerly anticipating the trip as he sees it as a way to create closer friendships with his fellow choir members. 

“I thought [the trip] would be really fun,” Dylan said. “[It will be great] to go with a bunch of friends, and I haven’t been to Disney in a while, so it will be really fun.” 

The Disney trip gives way to bonding time and many stimulating learning experiences, such as the workshop Ivory mentioned. Dylan is looking forward to making connections within the choir community, but he is also looking forward to the many rides available at the park.

“[I am excited] to see the new Star Wars park,” Dylan said. “I haven’t seen it yet, and it seems pretty cool.” 

Junior Payton Vincent is also looking forward to the enchantment and fantasies that the Disney World trip has to offer. Having been in choir since around sixth grade, she has had plenty of time for her excitement to build. 

“[I decided to go on the trip because] honestly, I’ve been waiting for it since middle school,” Payton said. “Since it’s always been talked about when I was younger, it’s always been this anticipation build-up, especially with COVID; we were supposed to go my sophomore year.” 

Despite having this life changing experience pushed back a year, Payton is still anticipating the exciting trip and awaiting the chance to sing, visit all of the extraordinary parks, and create special bonds with her fellow classmates. 

“[I’m looking forward to] everyone going on rides together and being at the hotel together,” Payton said. “But I’m really excited to bond more with my friends away from school that I don’t usually see outside of school, and I’m really excited for that experience.” 

The anticipation of the Disney trip has been fostered by upperclassmen friends, utilized as a way to keep students excited and eager for choir and motivate them to continue their participation in the program. Ivory has been hyping up the upcoming trip tremendously as well. 

“[To get ready for the trip] we spend a lot of time talking about it,” Payton said. “[Mr. Ivory] set up a text messaging service through the Remind app to get us excited. He [also] sent out a lot of emails talking about our schedules and our itineraries and all of that kind of stuff. I think he is just as excited as [us students] are, so that’s kind of cool.”