The Sturniolo Triplets are, rightfully, taking over the internet



The Sturniolo triplets, (left to right) Nick, Chris, and Matt.

Ordinarily, I don’t find myself becoming a “fan” of influencers I find on TikTok. Due to the app’s one-minute presentation of hundreds of new people every day, it’s hard to create a connection with a creator—even if I appreciate their content. 

The life of a content creator can be challenging because many individuals discover fame accidentally and then find themselves whisked into the difficulties of creating engagement with their followers. The Sturniolo triplets, however, were an exception to that pattern.

The three brothers have just begun their rise in popularity, but the prospect of them becoming the next sizeable influence in social media is entirely plausible. 

Most known for their car videos in which they sit and chat about whatever topics their fans suggest, they continuously spread positivity and never fail to make any topic entertaining—all from their assigned seats in their minivan. 

The back seat: Nicolas (Nick) Sturniolo. 

Continuously, Nick creates entertaining content out of any situation the brothers are involved in; his part in the trio is vital for the engagement of their videos due to his positive and free-spirited attitude. Nick also does incredibly with adding factors that fans feed off of such as consistent inside jokes and recurring comedic references that do an excellent job of keeping the audience feeling involved and spoken to. 

Additionally, it’s repeatedly referenced to on the triplets’ YouTube channel that Nick is the most involved in the process of editing videos. This ability can make or break content, and he continues to improve with every video. Their content displays a plethora of new editing techniques and provides variation from one video to the next; this constant advancement in expertise enhances the quality of their videos—promising the hope that their videos will only continue to improve. 

The passenger seat: Christopher (Chris) Sturniolo.

Chris’s personality creates perfectly measured chaos and spontaneity. In the aspect of being an influencer, he particularly excels in regards to engagement. With his incredibly outgoing personality, he constantly mentions his efforts to respond to direct messages on Instagram and in multiple instances has commented on, or publicly responded to, fans’ TikTok videos about him and his brothers.

Although this may seem like a trivial piece of information, this engagement with fans is vital to the advancement and individuality of their career. With this personal connection between the boys and their fans, they set a standard above many other influencers. 

The driver’s seat: Matthew (Matt) Sturniolo.

Along with being the only brother of the three that can drive, he shows his maturity and insightfulness in many other aspects throughout their content. Throughout many videos, Matt can be seen as the more reserved of the three brothers, but by preserving his humor and the extent of his personality, he has won the attention and appreciation of many fans. 

Matt’s brothers definitely don’t lack in this aspect; however, he especially does a commendable job of seeming truly genuine within every form of social media post. Any individual can use physical appearance or prominent trends to gain a fandom, but to use heart and an innate sense of person to win over an audience is far more respectable. 

Any individual can use physical appearance or prominent trends to gain a fandom, but to use heart and innate sense of person to win over an audience is far more respectable. ”

As a whole, the triplets are making exceptional progress in terms of their career; the three are making jumps into upcoming exciting endeavors. As of now, their next step involves a blank Instagram account with the handle “shopsturniolo” coming with the implication of a future merchandise or clothing line—a promising and intelligent plot for them. This along with their recent stride in acquiring a manager most definitely has the opportunity to catapult their career.

Overall, the three brothers currently spread positivity, lighthearted humor, and intelligent comments on topics that need them—they most definitely deserve a place on the internet. If you’re having trouble finding someone worth supporting on the internet, the current prospect of the Sturniolo triplets’ career leads to a supported conclusion that they are worth your while.