Each season brings a new color palette for fashion



A photo of a fall outfit that uses beige or muted colors

As each season passes, my wardrobe follows the flow of change. I go through my dresser and closet to donate unworn articles of clothing. I move the proper attire for the season’s weather to the top of my piles of clothes. Each season is represented by a different color palette.

In fall, I find beige and warm browns to be my best friend. The falling leaves are the pop of color for the season, so muted colors work best with the changing environment. Jeans and a dark beige colored sweater is the picture-perfect outfit of fall. Dark blue jeans are the perfect complement to the muted colors, though a pair of leggings would not hurt the ensemble. The muted colors bring forth the feeling of comfort which complements the feeling the fall season omits. The falling leaves are a constant comfort with the waft of color the dimmed colors contradict. 

When all of the leaves are swept away and the clouds grow heavier, dark colors fit the atmosphere. Winter is covered in white and dark skies; the dark blue hues of different clothes help combine the colors of winter. Black jeans are also an article best fit for the snowy days of the dark season. The cold of winter is depressing, and more comfortable blue and dark clothes lighten the load. 

The weight is lifted with the drizzle of rain and flowers that equate to it being springtime. Pastel colors follow the trend of brightening the atmosphere. The light pinks and yellows are not the staple colors of spring because of Easter, but because they symbolize being filled with joy and the feeling of growing as the weather changes. Spring is wild—there are a multitude of changes in the weather in one day, yet the pastel colors showcase the calmer side of spring. 

The stagnant weather of summer is reflected in the pink and light blues that adorn clothes. The bright colors show the youthful jovial spirit of the freeing summer. Bright pink and light blue are seen complimenting the glowing sun and leaping waves. Summer is a time of freedom, and by wearing bright colors, it represents having said freedom. Summer is my favorite season and where I find most of my euphoric memories are made, and each memory is highlighted by bright articles of clothing. 

Bright pink and light blue are seen complimenting the glowing sun and leaping waves.

There are some colors that belong to every season. Grey is a constant in every stage of the year. Gold follows grey’s lead and fits the mood of every season. And I find that purple is another color found throughout the new weather patterns. These colors do not follow the mold of fitting to one specific season, they change to fit every season’s needs. 

I rifle through my wardrobe making piles to donate and to keep. I look at the colors and the mood they represent; I then make piles for each of the seasons, different colors belonging to each season. I donate the clothes and wait another few months to restart the process. My dresser hops on the trend of change as each season brings new colors and weather.