The love of words and stars


Kiera Kemppainen

A picture of the moon and the faint outline of some stars taken from my driveway.

Her love is depicted in the stars.

The delicately sweet words sent to her over iMessage and softly spoken in hallways that drown out the meaning are stars reflecting in oceans of water. They sink to the bottom after floating through the air for a mere millisecond. They are overshadowed by the stars above—the ones that fly out of her reach. In her desperately searching mind, she believes the only stars to see are the ones above. Until, that is, she dives into the water.

She effortlessly launches herself in the ocean, suddenly filled with longing for the star’s reflection. Her hands form makeshift flippers as she races through the water. The sandy bottom where the sunk words lie is hurtling towards her. 

Closer, closer, closer—no, now they’re farther. 

Most of all, she cries because she’ll never feel the love of her stars above.”

Her lungs lurch for air and she can stay under any longer. She knows this can’t be right, she knows her body can handle more. Her mind cannot. She is afraid to drown under the weight of the words she can’t bear to face.

So her legs launch her up to the surface. She swims with more force than she knew was possible. She breaks the seemingly ominous surface and cries to the shimmering world above. She reads of words that she wishes she could receive—words that are always appreciated, seen, and loved. Then, her universe grows. The light from new stars reaches her at last. The words she reads are forever etched in her sky.

And she cries more.

She cries for the songs of sweet that she silences at the bottom of the ocean. She cries for the reason that she cannot dive after them. She cries for the love that she reads and begs to receive. Most of all, she cries because she’ll never feel the love of her stars above.

But that’s not guaranteed.

She lets out a laugh for her prior stupidity and a sob for what she was missing.”

She’ll never know if she could receive that kindness if she can’t stop reaching for the stars. She has to turn around and dive for the words that she watched sink. Her world should be full of admiration for who gave her the sentences she sank rather than mentally urging them for more.

Once she collects her lovely words from the ocean floor and once again breaks the glistening surface to above, she smiles. She lets out a laugh for her prior stupidity and a sob for what she was missing. For she is in love.

She is in love with this mysterious celestial being that sends her all the words of love that she has needed. She realizes the beauty of the world this being has given her. Yes, she will always yearn for more, but she is slowly learning to settle down.

She looks to the stars above now and feels no need for more than a glimpse. Instead, she turns to the water and waits for more reflections. In the meantime, she makes her own reflections for her beautiful being. She plucks fragments of stars from her own sky and sends them to the celestial’s ocean, hoping it’s appreciated. 

Please, give her the stars and wait for her to be appreciative, for you are all she’s ever wanted.