Nike’s new spring releases are ready for your 2022, hot weather, spring break


The highly-rated Nike Kawa’s are the epitome of a lazy shoe. The Little/Big Kids’ Slide reminds me of something an older man would wear around the house so he wouldn’t have to go barefoot—this isn’t the fashion statement Nike tends to produce for children. Coming in nineteen different colors and prints, two of which are brand new to this spring season, this $26 cast shouldn’t be as glorified as it is. 

Customers have left 700 reviews, most above four stars, complimenting the comfortability and how their children love them—I just can’t agree. Every other brand on the planet has something similar to this style and sells just as well; it isn’t a Nike statement at all. There are so many better shoe options for these upcoming seasons.

Now 32% off on Nike’s website, the Nike Air Max Kokos women’s sandals are actually worth the purchase. These shoes, deserving of their high-rated title, are a cute twist on something most brands will produce to be boring. 

The pastel pink soles and detailing is somewhat feminine, which I wasn’t expecting myself to enjoy. While the birds-eye-view of the shoe is a little questionable, I don’t know what else I would look for. However, from the side, Kokos are the perfect Y2 K-inspired design, which is integrated with the chunky platforms. These shoes are perfect for hot weather vacations and summertime in Michigan—I’m seriously considering adding them to my cart.

With a similar design to the Kokos, coming in only black and white, Nike Air Max Koko Serena Williams Design Crews aren’t on sale for this season, but the sandals are another perfect addition, nonetheless. This model was designed to “celebrate inclusivity and the bond between individual and team.” 

By putting a well-known athlete’s name on the shoe, you would assume the rating would skyrocket compared to its counterpart, but the pink Kokos have a better rating by 0.5%. While this model is a little less vibrant, it is still a good purchase compared to the others on the website.

Just in for the website as well, men’s Nike Air Max 90s are the perfect shoe under the “sustainable materials” title. This multicolored shoe—selling in just one color—is the perfect mix of cool and warm for the hotter seasons coming. 

While I haven’t seen many color combinations like this one, this was the perfect, unique twist Nike’s collections needed. My favorite part? The mushrooms on the backside of the counter lining—they bring the red detailing and the Nike Swish together seamlessly. 

Coming in fifteen different colors, the women’s Nike Air Huaraches are the stunning piece I was looking for. Maybe even outdoing my favorite, the Kokos, they are designed for comfort and inspired by the original 90s look of the running shoe. 

While they’re advertised with the burnt orange, white with brown turtle-print detailing, or purple coloring, the best deal is actually between two of the most interesting ones. The blue, purple, and white shoes are 24% off, while the purple and lime green are 31% off.

My least favorite running shoe, not as bad as the Kawa’s, is the patchwork-inspired Nike Air Max 90 SEs with the iconic waffle outsoles. Made up of purple, cyan, red, cheetah print, and red stripes, this women’s shoe doesn’t match with any outfit or, at the least, complement one. Most shoes on Nike’s website have a video of a model sporting the shoes with a good outfit—these shoes don’t have one. That may be by coincidence, but I think Nike knows these are not going to sell well for people with any sense of style.

And finally, the men’s Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Jumbos are absolutely ridiculous, but I kind of love them. Extremely similar to the normal Nike Blazers that everyone has been wearing recently, this style has an extremely large Swish, in multiple different colors. With this variety, they have the black originals and blue, but also the sunflowers. With only two reviews, both of which haven’t made the purchase yet, they both think these shoes will be incredibly successful under Nike’s name.

With the spring and summer seasons just around the corner, it’s time for not only a new wardrobe but also new shoes to match. Put away your thigh highs and rain boots; it’s time for colorful, bright sneakers to run the streets.