2022’s spring nail trends are easy to look forward to


Pinterest, Katelynn Heilman

A collage of examples of nail color and design trends referred to in the article.

One of my favorite ways to express myself is through the hue and shape of my nails. Each time I get my nails done, I feel like a new person. I have an attachment to the whole experience; being greeted with the familiarity of the welcoming environment and individuals in my choice salon—Charming Nails and Spa—is rejuvenating and joy-inducing.

One aspect of the experience that isn’t as simple as selecting the color nail you’ll live with for weeks is the ideas. If anyone looked through my Pinterest search history, they’d find row after row of “nail ideas” or “cute nail trends 2022”—each new keyword a desperate attempt to find unique, appealing, and new nail styles. 

This process, however, can be enjoyable. Each season brings a new opportunity to try enticing new designs, and the prospect of this spring’s styles has been especially exciting.

To begin, the idea of neutral or “basic” nails provides a much wider range of styles. Instead of having to resort to black or white nails in order to have a built-in accessory that matches every outfit, there’s far more color variety. Browns have been especially popular for a while, allowing for an earthy but classy look at all times.  

Another favorite neutral is a foggy gray. All semi-translucent colors have been especially appealing lately, but gray has by far been my favorite—especially for springtime, as it reminds me of the beautiful rainy and cloudy days that come with the season. 

In terms of color, greens and purples have always been a spring staple. Greens, like brown, provide an opportunity to get in touch with an earthy and natural aesthetic. Although sage green was the most trendy hue for a while, rich and deep greens have begun to take over, and I couldn’t be happier. 

No matter what color you select for your nails, however, adding patterns and designs will always elevate any look. Although it’s challenging to be creative with designs at times, current trends such as line work, french tips, and smiley faces are cute and simple and add so much.

Even further executing these design features, basic white french nails can be turned unique by painting a base color to begin and adding a complementing color in place of the traditional white. 

Truly, nail looks that have as much bright and vibrant color as possible are very attractive in the spring and summer months. Especially coming off of months where dark and muted hues are utilized so often, color, even on an area as small as nails, can be so refreshing. 

Especially coming off of months where dark and muted hues are utilized so often, color, even on an area as small as nails, can be so refreshing.”

To build on that idea, expression through nail color creates that same feeling of rejuvenation. It’s the simplest way to add color and intrigue to an outfit and is something so many individuals look for and notice on a person. 

No matter your experience or comfort level with nail designs, or how small of a detail they may seem, I’d encourage everyone to allow themselves the luxury of jumping out of their comfort zone and expressing themselves through splashes of colors on their fingertips.