Prom Court Q&As: Tananya Prankprakma

What was your reaction to getting on prom court?

“I don’t really remember my exact reaction. I was at home, so some of my friends texted me to tell me I was on. I was happily surprised since I didn’t realize that many people actually voted for me. Anyway, I’m grateful to be here and happy that people thought of me for court.”

What are your short-term future plans?

“I’m planning on relaxing all summer, eating good food, and maybe making good food as well. I’m not great at cooking, so we’ll see.”

What is your favorite senior year memory?

“Probably just killing time and getting food with friends.”

What is one lesson that you’ve learned from your time in high school?

“I’ve learned that things just aren’t that serious.”

What ice cream flavor would you be and why?

“Honestly, nothing’s standing out to me. It’s hard for me to judge the vibe of ice cream flavors. Coffee comes to mind because it’s what we have at home right now. I’d also probably be melty for no reason.”

What was your favorite class in high school and why?

“AP Chemistry is definitely up there, even though I took it during the wacky half-virtual year. I still think about the copper conversion lab sometimes.”

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