Love is


Millie Alt

The great loves of my life

I have never been kissed. I am the last of my friends to date. I have never been in a romantic relationship, but I am no stranger to love. Love is everywhere all the time. It surrounds and grounds me. To seek love in everything is not quite a hobby; it is a passion. It is passion that I feel when I laugh aloud unnecessarily, unceasingly. It is passion that allows me to enter every day like the last wasn’t as brutal and like I am not exhausted and depleted and wanting. It is passion that guides my hand as I write this very piece of art. I find love everywhere in everything. Love is so much more than romance.

Love is car rides, so many car rides. 8:15 in the morning, 4:15 in the afternoon, 9:00 at night. It’s “get your feet off my dash.” It’s knowing all the words to every song on this playlist and singing them unapologetically, even when we’re not alone in the Volvo. It’s “take a picture of that sky for me.” It’s late-night stops at D&W, laughing at ourselves in bare feet and rosy cheeks, and exercise endorphins. Love is casual quality time.

Love is sitting together in silence, letting the silence speak for you. It’s listening and understanding and “I’m sorry.” It’s sharing music and sharing memories and sharing space. It’s feeling understood, feeling seen. It’s sharing gossip after a long day, letting the tears out because it is safe here. Love is “I hear you.”

Love is wandering through Target doing nothing. It’s California rolls and chocolate milk and gazebos and irrefutable truth, even when it hurts. It’s “this is me, take it or leave it.” It’s broken plans fixed and fixed plans broken. Love is flexibility.

It’s consistent and tender and sometimes forgetful. But then it is remembered, as strong and enduring as ever.”

Love is patient, perfect care. It’s noticing a dead leaf, a sore spot. It’s light and life. It’s recognizing growth and adoring it. It’s having personal growth recognized and adored. It’s consistent and tender and sometimes forgetful. But then it is remembered, as strong and enduring as ever. It’s talking and feeling insane sometimes. Love is green and everlasting.

Love is “take me away from this place.” It’s an escape and a journey and so often a necessity that keeps me sane. It’s written words, reading words. It’s a mirage of letters. It is mental and physical and sometimes challenging but always oh so rewarding. Love is comfort in escapism.

Love is casual debates and respecting each other’s opinions. It’s “can we not do this, we’ve been at lunch for 15 minutes!” It’s waiting for me while I finish packing up. It’s stumbling over phrases in a foreign language. It’s shared snacks and shared jokes. It’s teasing that is always intended to draw out a laugh. Love is discussion.

Love is movie nights and not-movie nights. It’s spending as much time together as we can spare because we are all oh-so-busy. It’s rushing to and from and to and from and always having someone who will ask about your day and actually care. It’s “love you” and “goodnight” and “goodbye.” It’s casual, as simple and familiar as a home. Love is mundane.

Love is an adjective, a verb, a noun, and an interjection. Love is universal and personal. Love is a paradox and a solution. To love is to give a bit of soul away. It is the most entrancing, stunning form of masochism. Love always, love everything. Seek love like sustenance because that is what it is. Seek love like adventure because it is always a risk. Seek love and when it’s found, bask in its glowing glorious rays. Love is laughter. Love is life. Love is.