My brothers are my everything


Susannah Bennett, Staff Writer

Every girl needs a hero. I have two: my brothers.

One is my solid rock and my comforter. The other is my ray of sunshine and my joy. As the heroes of my life, they are my protectors and role models. Whether they know it or not, I look to them as examples for my own life. They teach me to see the beauty in life, while also preparing me for troubles on the path ahead. Without them, I would be completely lost.

As cheesy as it sounds, Daniel and Tim mean everything to me, and a life without them is unimaginable. They’re my go-to people for every situation because of their extraordinary character and abundant grace. When life has me down, I run to them, seeking their comfort. But on days full of abundant joy, Daniel and Tim are the first ones to rejoice and celebrate with me.

Even though Daniel is twenty-one years old and I’m fifteen years old, we constantly act like five year olds around each other. Regardless of location, we are sure to either engage in a tickle fight or some childish sort of competition. However, when the situation demands it, Daniel comforts me with soothing words and enveloping hugs.

No matter where we are, Tim and I break out in song and dance, enjoying the pure bliss of the moment. Despite the stares earned from our crazy antics, we continue to embrace our spontaneity and soak up every bit of joy. Aside from our ridiculousness, Tim is one for being there at a moment’s notice to console me in times of need.

We weren’t always as close as we are now though. As the stereotypical young children, we were constantly fighting and irritating each other at every turn. Someone would take action or make a comment, which would then initiate either tears or arguments. Over time, however, each of us matured, and collectively, we grew close. Though we fight even now, we always return in the end to make peace and continue to love each other unconditionally.

Due to our residence in multiple places, any opportunity to be reunited is taken. I practically count down the days until they return home. Even when they aren’t by my side, we still manage to stay in touch through texting and extended phone calls.

My life has, and will be, forever impacted by my brothers. I know that no matter what, they will always be the backbone and light of my life.