The Sturniolo Triplets did in fact take over the internet: a follow-up



A recent photo of the Sturniolo Triplets celebrating hitting the milestone of three million subscribers. (left: Matt, center: Nick, right: Chris)

In February of this year, the Sturniolo Triplets had a total of approximately 300,000 subscribers on Youtube; now—not even ten months later—they have amassed a following of over 3,000,000. 

Oftentimes, it seems random when influencers gain an almost unfathomable following this quickly in their career, but for Nick, Matt, and Chris Sturniolo, this success was far from unexpected. Their sudden fame was not only calculated but also executed perfectly. 

There were many factors that made their fame predictable; their endearing personalities, contagious hopefulness, and the simple oddity of being triplets definitely had a lot to do with it. However, their intelligence in business also solidified their current reign over social media.

To start, the triplets truly seized their success and actually listened to their audience—something many influencers immediately fail at. A business-type approach to their career was instantly taken, but they never failed to be transparent and honest with their viewers. The three knew what they wanted early; once their “shopsturniolomerch” Instagram account was made, with very little hesitation, they made their “Let’s Trip” merch a reality. 

This overwhelmingly successful merchandise, referred to more as a clothing line by the boys, was no doubt executed with help from their excellent management choice, Laura Filipowicz. As the triplet’s acting manager, Filipowicz has opened many doors for them. She helped these Massachusetts-based creators make connections and friendships with other influencers, and she tastefully supported and guided each professional decision the boys have made in the past year.

This excellent bond with Filipowicz, a Los Angeles resident, also allowed the brothers to get a foot in the door of the infamous content creator scene the city has to offer. Earlier this year, the boys began to make constant trips to LA. Although for many this sparked fear of the triplets “selling out” or losing their charm, the three continue to prove those who doubt them and their career wrong. 

The boys have now hosted meet-and-greets, launched at least five merch drops, purchased a living space in LA, and have been consistently posted on YouTube for a year now. All of this to say, they are gracefully living up to each expectation that social media has left for them. 

All of this to say, they are gracefully living up to each expectation that social media has left for them. ”

Most importantly, however, the boys have managed to remain true to their ever-so-simple YouTube bio: “Triplet brothers documenting our life.” The three brothers are still just as truly themselves as they were when their careers began to surge, something so admirable with an internet that sometimes highlights individuals with big egos and toxic personalities. 

Most importantly, however, they still film car videos. Every week, without a doubt, the consistency of a Friday car video can not only be an exciting prospect to look forward to but something to expect. 

As long as you still find Matt driving, Chris in his passenger seat, and Nick sprawled in the backseat, you can expect quality, feel-good content, just as you could a year ago.