Homecoming Court Q&As: Lucy Mclean

What was your reaction when you heard your name called?

“I was so happy! I’ve always loved Homecoming Week, and I think being on court will make it even more fun.”

Why do you think you were nominated?

“[I think it’s] my athletic skills and my height.”

Who do you think should be nominated for court that isn’t already?

“Too many to name. There are so many deserving people in our grade that should’ve been on court.”

Which spirit day is your favorite?

“I love Pajama Day. Any reason to wear PJ pants to school makes me happy.”

What is your favorite Ranger Homecoming Week tradition?

“Definitely the lip sync. It’s so fun getting our entire grade together, and I’m super excited for our musical lip sync this year.”

If you had the chance to visit outer space, would you? 

“One-hundred percent not. Outer space terrifies me.”

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